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Notes from the files of Joseph A. Kenny

How is Joe Kenny related?

     Also on the Maternal side of my family came the family TOMAN .      Marie Cathryn Toman was my Grandmother. Her parents were Anton Toman, 1859-1942 born in Horni Rozinka, Moravia and Mary Chyba (Hiber),1863-1945 . Note: Mary Chyba was an orphan brought to the U.S. by Cyrill Janda.
     Anton's parent were John Toman, 1832-1915 born in Horni Rozinka, Moravia, and Antonia Zitka, 1857- 1904, born in Albrechticich, Moravia. Antonia's father was Michael Zitka and was a Tavern owner in Albrechticich. John's parents were John Toman 1797-18??, born in Zvole, Moravia and Josefa Zabrov, 1798--18?? , born in Horni Rozinka, Moravia. John was 29 when he go married. John's parents were James Toman  1758-1806 and Josefa Vaverka  1771- 1835.  James Parents were Joannes Toman, abt 1730- 18?? and Zofie (Sophia) Sejkora. Joannes Tomans father was Tomasch Toman, born about 1699.

Some of the following information was inspired by Marie Toman Hammons from the Book, "History of Cass County".  Other text information was from various Plattsmouth newspapers provided to me by Joe Kvapil.  
     John and Antonia came to America on 3 July 1877 on board the "Pommerania" steamer with their children Emma, Josepha, Josef, Frantisek, and Edward. My Great Grandfather, Anton, had already arrived on the steamer "Suevia" on 25 May 1876. He was 17 years old. He first homesteaded in South Dakota, then came to Plattsmouth, where he worked in the shops for the railroad, as a blacksmith. It was in Plattsmouth where he met his wife Mary Chyba, and married her.
     Above you may want to note that Emma, daughter of John and Antonia, married John Chyba (Hiber). Also remember her brother Anton, married Mary Chyba (Hiber) both of which were orphans.
     Josef, son of John and Antonia, lived most his adult life in South Dakota. When SD opened up for Homesteading, John Sr. took his son Josef there and together homesteaded 160 acres southwest of Forestburg. Antonia and the rest of the family did not go and stayed behind in Plattsmouth. That first year, Josef's sister Josefa, (Josephine) went to S.D. They had built a sod house and barn on the homestead. She only stayed for a few months. Her father sent her back to Plattsmouth to help her mother with the family. Shortly after her returning, a tornado ripped through their homestead in South Dakota, destroying everything in its path. John and Joe saw the approaching storm and went to their storm cellar. When they came out, they saw that all was destroyed. John went back to Plattsmouth after a year, but Joe stayed in South Dakota for the rest of his life. At age 61, Joe was driving his wife's parents home on a foggy night and was in a car/train accident, killing Joe and Anna Maschek's parents on 05 Jan. 1932. There were two more sons born to John and Antonia, John Joseph and Julius M. Toman. Julius was a jeweler that moved first to Los Angeles, CA, then to Oregon where he raised a large family.
     John  worked as a carpenter for Burlington R/R in the Plattsmouth shops, then bought land near Plattsmouth and farmed.

John and Antonia's son, Anton Toman, was my great grandfather. For more on him, follow the link.


Some of this information was inspired  from resources written by Marie Hammons Toman.  Other text was from various Plattsmouth newspapers provided to me by Joe Kvapil.  

Marie Hammons wrote a few articles about the Tomans in the "History of Cass County" book .