Joseph Kenny's mother was :

Veronica Janda, married to Dan L. Kenny.  

Veronica's parents were Charles C. Janda & Marie C Toman

Marie Tomans parents were Anton J. Toman and Marie Chyba

Marie Chyba's parents were Jacub Chyba and Frantiska Maly

I am related to Marie in another ways too..  

Marie's sister, Frances Chyba, married Thomas Janda, who was a brother to Cyril Janda, my G Grandfather.  Marie's brother John Chyba,  married Emma Toman, which Emma was a sister to Anton Toman, my G grandfather.  Marie's brother Joseph Chyba, married Katherine Janda, who is the daughter to Anton Janda.  Anton Janda is Cyril Janda's brother.

Notes on Jacub Chyba

The family in later years changed their name to Hiber

I saw in the Family group records that I did not prepare that Frances Chyba
married Thomas Janda. I saw that Joseph, Mary and John were orphans according to Marie Hammons, and other notes that I had obtained. Cyrill Janda cared for Marie Chyba prior to coming to the US and brought her along with the the Janda family when they came to the US. According to the ship records that I had obtained, Mary CHYBA did indeed come on the same ship as Cyrill Janda, his new bride, and his older brothers Frank and Anton with their families, on July 25, 1879 aboard the steamer, "Oder".
Also on board the ship was a sister Karolina Janda, though it say's on the list

John and Joseph CHYBA arrived here on July, 7, 1877 on the steamer "Main" which arrived in New York City info from Edwin Hiber.
I can only assume that all the siblings mention are indeed brother and sisters. I can also assume that Frances CHYBA was one of the oldest kids in the family because she married Thomas, on Oct 25, 1869 and they came to America prior to the rest of the family. I do have some reference to this info from a book called" Czechs in Nebraska. "It says that Thomas, (The son,) came to America first, in 1878 followed by the rest of his family in 1879.
It is my belief that the 3 remaining CHYBA children's parents died sometime prior to 1879 and left the 3 kids parentless. Marie was the youngest and was indeed an orphan, though she was 15 years old, which left her remaining brothers old enough to take care of themselves.
The birth date of 1826, I got from the computers at Salt Lake City, submitted by Gary Allan Jackson.
I saw somewhere that the CHYBA's were from Budisov, Czech.

Notes on Frances Chyba

See Frances's father's notes about more info on her family.
I noticed her death on another document being July 6, 1904. She was buried in Crete, but her remains were subsequently removed to Plattsmouth.
I saw somewhere that the CHYBA's were from Budisov, Czechoslovakia.

Notes on John Chyba

Came to America, July, 1877, according to the "little book" of Emma Toman, that Lois Nutzel has. See further things about family in John's father's notes.
Edwin Hiber says it is shown in the New York Passenger List of Czechs arrivals that John CHYBA AGE 18 AND HIS BROTHER JOSEPH CHYBA AGE 16 ARRIVED IN NEW YORK ON THE STEAMER "MAIN" on July 7, 1877 Also shown on this list is their sister Marie, arriving July 25, 1879 on the steamer "Oder" and Emma Toman arrived on the "Pommerania" on July 3, 1877

Notes on Marie Chyba

Info from obit.
She was 15 when she came to America. Came on same boat with Cyrill Janda.
(See note on her family on the person I believe to be her father's, Jakub Chyba)

Some of the info from her funeral holy card which I have in my Holy Card collection.
Accoring to my mothers, (Veronica Janda Kenny's) diary, the funeral was at 10:00 AM .

Ed Hiber writes: "Marie did not arrive with John and Josef Chyba (Hiber)
As shown by Steamship Passenger Ship entries furnished to me by Joe Noble and secured from Des Moines, Iowa Genealogy records on Czech immigrants:
John (Hiber) Chyba age 18 and his brother Josef (Hiber) Chyba age 16 i.e.
the Joseph T. (Jasper) (Hiber) Chyba ....... arrived in New York on the
steamship "Main" on July 7, 1877. Also as shown by such Lists their
sister, Marie (Maria) (Hiber )Chyba ........ arrived in New York as a young teenager on July 25, 1879 on the steamship "Oder" and ....
Emalie (Emma) Toman, who became the wife of John (Hiber) Chyba ...... arrived in New
York as a child ,with other members of her family, on July 3, 1877 on the steamship Pommerania"