Veronica Janda Kenny's favorite phrases. (Mom-isms)

A while ago, our family got together and discussed some of our mom's favorite saying.  We called the "mom-isms", and jotted them down.  Here is what we came up with.  If anyone thinks of any others, just email me and I can easily add more.

Some of her common phrases:

 Flubbed up


"I love you beaucoup lots".

You’ve got a mouth.  Use it!


By Dimmity Dammit

I’ll give you a quarter if you…

S/he’s always Johnny on a Stick

There’s a lid for every pot

Anybody you could snuggle up to?

Don’t take a backseat to anyone

It just sickens me

Such a To-Do

Just sitting there chewin’ the fat

What does she think she’s representing?

I don’t give a tinker’s dam


Some of her famous words:


Prancing around

High time



Crippled along






Oh, jeepers

Oh, Mercy


Good night!

Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo (accompanied by some tune or another)

But, uh…



Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk

Nutsy fagen

Anna Maria Gina Lollibrigida (referencing our own sister AM)


And, for a woman who was fairly direct all her life, the special words/terms she had to avoid other words/terms:

Her insistence that we use the word “matter” instead of “pus”

Calling underwear “pants”

References to “down below”

Asking “do you think he can perform?”


Short skirts were “up to her ha-ha”


And maybe the most consistent of all, her use of “THAT” in front of most names: “It was that Jim Jones” and “That Hank is sissified.”


Always humming to one of the old Broadway musical songs from either South Pacific, Camelot or The Sound of Music.

You can't forget the Grandma Kenny kiss, that my kid's and grandkids all know, which is a loud "pzt pzt pzt", several times on our cheek.