Dan and Veronica (Janda) Kenny

Dan is a son of Lee R. Kenny and Clare Connor and Veronica is a daughter of Charles Janda and Marie Toman

                Dan L Kenny 1919-1954           Veronica Janda Kenny 1920-2006

My father was on a fishing trip, with the Kraft brothers, Frank Vlock, my uncle,
and Dr O.W. Neligh, on the Kawishiwi River, 20 miles east of Ely, Minnesota. The waters were extra high that spring and the currents strong. They were portaging deep into the wilderness near the end of the day, the boat that my father was in capsized in the strong current and he drowned. I was 6 month old when this tragedy had happened. It left my mother to raise the five of us alone. My mother never remarried. My father was an attorney and practiced with Mino St. Lucas, and their firm was called Kenny and St. Lucas, located at the Service Life Bldg., in Omaha.


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