The Mulvihill Connection


Notes from the files of Joseph A. Kenny

How is Joe Kenny related?

The Kenny Family are tied to the Mulvihills in at least two different areas.   One, with Edward Kenny (1848-1929) who married Mary Ann Mulvihill, daughter of John and Bridget (Mullane) Mulvihill, and two, the daughter of Richard P. Kenny, Mary Ann Kenny, married Joseph J. Mulvihill, also a son of John and Bridget (Mullane) Mulvihill.  Note that Edward Kenny and Richard P. Kenny are brothers.

I believe that John may of had a sister also living in Door County, Wisconsin named Bridget.   Below, please find some notes John Mulvihill.

John and Bridget (Mullane) Mulvihill had 11 children in 1880, according to the Door Co. Who's Who, 1880
JOHN MULVIHILL purchased   land on  OCT 20, 1857, w2ne4 of 27-27-25 {Nasewaupee}
also JOHN MULLANE, purchased land on Dec 3, 1860, e2nw4 of 21-27-25 {Nasewaupee}
Info provided by Mike Gallagher
The land had to be quite reasonable-when Chris Surfus did the research on her house, the land went for $500.00 back in 1872. She believes this was an 80 acre lot at the time. She has a note for a sale in 1857 ".50 per acre".

Notes on a few of Johns children:

Marie MULVIHILL     I have never found any other evidence that this person exists. Info was supplied by a cousin who works for the Mulvihill family in Denver that owns a huge amusement park there.

Mary Ann MULVIHILL    Married Edward Kenny.  There seems to be a conflict where she was born. The census states her her birth in Pennsylvania, while the below obit states Manitowoc Co.
Her obit was in the Door County Democrat, April 25th 1896. It stated:
"Death of Mrs. Edward Kenny (spelled this way)
Mrs. Edward Kenny died at her home, in the town of Nasewaupee, from childbirth, on Saturday, April 10th 1896, just one week from the beginning of her illness. Her friends attendant upon her had no apprehension of danger, until the evening before her death, when her condition suddenly changed for the worse, and although the attendant physician was immediately called, and did everything possible he could do to help her-such was not to be.
Her disposition was of a kind and cheerful nature, her smiling face, was a true index of her inner life. Liberal, warm hearted, kind and generous; she was a model mother, and a genial companion.
Not for years, has death cause such profound and general sorrow in our parish. Her children have lost a kind and tender-hearted and affectionate mother, her husband a loyal and devoted wife, the neighbors a sympathetic and helping friend in time of trouble-and withdrawal; such is the will of God.
Deceased was born in Manitowoc Co., and when a small child removed with her parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. John Mulvihill, to the old homestead in the town of Nasewaupee. At 22 years of age, she married Edward Kenny, on the 8th day of Sept., 1879, in the city of Sturgeon Bay, Rev. Englebert Blume officiating. She was 38 years of age at the time of her death. The sympathy of the entire community goes out to the bereaved husband and family.
The funeral took place on the 20th last, and considering the state of the weather, was one of the largest ever held here. The pastor of the catholic church of Ahnapee performed the last sad rights, with a High Mass-ably assisted by the Forestville catholic choir. may her soul rest in peace."
Algoma Record Herald, April 23, 1896
"Sturgeon Bay and Vicinity"
The funeral of Mrs. Kinney, of Forestville, took place Monday. Mrs. Kinney leaves a husband, who is chairman of the town board, and nine children.

James MULVIHILL   Jim was single.  I had birth at 1869 from somewhere.

Joseph J. MULVIHILL    Married Mary Ann (Kenny) daughter of Richard P. Kenny.  Joe was a steam fitter/plumber.

Some of this information came from Chris Surfus

Notes on some of Joseph J, and Mary Ann (Kenny) Mulvihill's children.

Eva Mulvihill  Adopted.  Married Joseph NADOLNY.

Clair Mulvihill     Clair was a wagoner in WW1. He died at age 52. He lived at 218 S. 25th, Omaha. He was a member of American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Knights of Columbus.

Theresa B. Mulvihill    Died during a childs birth.

Joseph Mulvihill    Joseph was 29 at his death. He was staying home from work for a few days prior to his death. Mrs. Mulvihill, who found the body when she came home from work, said that her husband had been staying home recuperating from a tonsillectomy. When she left the house she left the oven fire burning to finish some baking. Neighbors saw Joseph around the house for some time after she left. He removed the baking from the oven, but left the gas on after the flame had went out. He was found slumped over the dining room table, where he had apparently been reading the paper.
He lived at 2334 S. 30th, Omaha.