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Notes from the files of Joseph A. Kenny

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John Connor
had a son Patrick Connor, born and raised in Co. Down, in the Down & Connor Diocese.
Patrick was a gardener, (florist) in a village called Fane Valley.
Patrick married Elizabeth Hoey in 1830, daughter of Michael Hoey, a farmer.
The Hoeys lived 1/2 mile south of Fane Valley in a village called Cuillenstown.
In 1847, they moved from Cuillenstown to Dromiskin.
Patrick worked for a Protestant named Booth as a gardener/ houseman. until about 1893.
John Johnson was Patrick Connors nearest neighbor.
The Connor House in Dromiskin was built of stone, had one bedroom and one large kitchen,
possibly, six times larger that the bedroom. The bedroom had a loft over it. The bedroom had a
brick floor, but the kitchen had a dirt floor.
Dundalk- read on page 3 of James Connor dictation.

Map of where Cuillenstown is  click to enlarge

Connor time line
1785 Abt.-- birth of John Connor
1810 Abt.- birth of Patrick Connor
1829 Abt.- Patrick moves to Fane Valley from County Down.
1830 -- Patrick marries Elizabeth Hoey.
1830 -- Patrick and Elizabeth move to the Hoey Family farm in Cuillenstown.
1831-1861- Patrick and Elizabeth bare several Children.
1847 - Patrick and Elizabeth move from Cuillenstown to Dromiskin.
1847-1893-Patrick worked for Protestant named Booth for 45 years.
1870 - Patrick's brothers, John and Thomas move to Manchester, England.
1893 - Patrick dies in Dromiskin.
1898 - Elizabeth (Hoey) Connor, dies in Dromiskin.
All the above was a summery from reference to James Connor's dictation, in 1942.

Notes on some of Patrick and Elizabeth (Hoey) Connor:

Bridget Connor    Died of Pneumonia, at the age of 25

Mary Ann Connor   Baptized August 04, 1841

Thomas Connor    Emigrated in the US in 1862 and lived in San Francisco CA for a while.     Baptized May 04, 1845

Lawrence Connor    Died when he was only eight months old.          Baptized March 07, 1847

John Connor   John stayed in Ireland and worked on the same estate for Booth, along with his father Patrick.    Baptized April 09, 1848

Rose Connor    She emigrated to the US in about 1871 and moved to New Haven. After her younger brother, James, moved to Omaha, Nebraska, she moved to Omaha in 1883. She was a housekeeper for Bishop O'Conner on 9th and Howard, and later joined the Franciscan Order in 1893. She remained in the Order and lived in various cities, and in buried at the point in the same plot as other sisters; they have a granite shaft with their names and years that they died.

Patrick Connor   Patrick emigrated to New Haven when he was 16, but when he was 31, in 1877, he moved back to Ireland, and opened a notion and stationary store, in Dublin. Later, in 1892, he moved to Omaha, NE
Baptized November 11, 1850

Michael Connor    At the age of 21, Michael worked as a police officer and was sent to Tipperary, Ireland, and later to County Kings. He remained an officer about 15 years, until 1890. That is when he emigrated to the US, Michael was a very quite man. He died at the age of 74, in Omaha, NE
Baptized February 15, 1857.

Elizabeth Connor    Died of TB at the age of 25.
Baptized March 13, 1859

James Hoey Connor     James was an executive at the Union Pacific RR. He was the General Superintendent of Motive Power. He retired from the UP in Sept. 1934.
James dictated a wonderful biography about his family and ancestors, written in 1942. I know many family members, including myself, ended up with a copy. It was dictated to his daughter Eleanor, who was a secretary and typist.
It showed his name on the letter as James M. Connor. I have noticed that many records has his name James Hoey Connor. In this letter, he mentions that he saw his birth record while visiting in Ireland. I'm assuming that it showed "M". Also, knowing how the Catholic Irish named their children, rarely was any word other than a Christian name, used.
His dictation was filled with many facts and exact locations of where they lived in Ireland. I only can wish that all my great grandparents could have done the same as Jim Connor did.
As near as James could remember, he left Liverpool about October 8, 1882 and arrived in Castle Garden on October 22, 1882 with his sister ,Rose Connor.

He married Katherine May, April, 18, 1888

Most of the information above came from a dictation from James Hoey Connor in 1942