Joseph Kenny's parents are:

Veronica Janda & Dan L. Kenny

Dan Kenny's parents were  Lee R. Kenny and G. Clare Connor

Clare Connor's parents were James Hoey Connor and Katherine May

James H. Connor's parents were Patrick Connor & Elizabeth Hoey

Elizabeth's father was Michael Hoey of Dromiskin, County Louth.

Notes on Michael Hoey

Probably was born and died in County Louth, just north of Dundalk.
I don't know if this fathers name was Michael. This name was given in a dictation from James Hoey Connor. He stated that his mothers father was Michael.
As far as all of Michaels children, It is uncertain that all these are actually attached directly to Michael. I looked through the records at Dromiskin Catholic parish and found several potential children that fell into the right dates to be children to Micheal. I did notice that two of the sons listed, Thomas and John, both had wives named Mary Carroll. I didn't understand how two brother would marry two different women with the same name. There were indeed two Mary Carrols, because both were giving births to different children, and these are documented. What I don't know is, are John and Thomas brothers? Both did live in Cullenstown, which/was a very small townland. I would only assume that all Hoeys from there were related somehow.