Joseph Kenny's parents are:

Veronica Janda & Dan L. Kenny

Dan Kenny's parents were  Lee R. Kenny and G. Clare Connor

Lee Kenny's parents were Thomas F. Kenny and Mary Gilmore

Thomas F. Kenny's parents were Richard Kenny and Eliza Lovely

Eliza Lovely's parents were Edward Lovely and Bridget Donnely

From my notes on the Edward Lovely, I have:

Edward and his brother Joseph and sister Ellen crossed the Atlantic in 1830 and raised and educated his children. They lived in County Leeds, Ontario. Sometime after 1871, they moved. They also lived in the neighboring townland of Elmsly, which is the present day Smith Falls area, in Ont.
They possibly moved to Sturgeon Bay, WI and then to Carroll County, IA in August 1873, where he purchased quite a bit of land, near Arcadia. He sold some of it to his son, Michael. I have these deeds in my records. Edward's son, Michael, moved to Omaha in 1885, and entered the construction business.
In the 1928 edition of "Who's Who in Omaha", it states some information about Edwards Grandson, Joseph Michael Lovely, Atty. It states that Edward came Canada, to Ireland, in 1821.

Edward may of had a son named Joseph. The birth register in Carroll, Iowa shows a Joseph Lively that lived in Arcadia at the same time. Josephs children's names, I could not make out but a female was born to a Hannah Harrington in Jan 24, 1882 and female to the same mother in Nov 14, 1883. Occupation of father, (Joseph), farmer. Hannah Harrington was from Dubuque, Iowa, which is ironic because that is where Mary Gilmore (Richard Kenny's son, Thomas F's wife) is from and her mother was Julia Harrington.
Edward filed his first paper in Greene County, IA.

There was a Josephine Lovely that lived with Edward in Carroll County. She must have been born about 1803 and died on Feb. 23, 1881 in Arcadia, Carroll Co, IA. I don't know if this was an un-married sister or the wife of a brother.

Edward may have moved from Iowa to Saunders Co, Mead, NE. 

The May 1860 soundex showed his name as Edward S. Lovely age 40
Tim O'Brien had in his records birth, abt. 1811

Notes on Eliza Lovely

The sponsor of her baptism was Thomas Balfe and Catherine Currin. Eliza was 5 when she was baptized on Mar. 14, 1849. This birth date conflicts with census date.

Eliza and Richard came to Wisconsin along with brothers, Bartholomew, Edward, James and sister Anna. After the fire in 1871 when they lost everything, they moved to Iowa with her brother's and father, Edward Lovely.
Burial records show her name as Elizabeth--Sec 3 Block 4 Lot 22, at Holy Sepulchre cemetery, Omaha, NE.
Diedat age 65, Sacred Heart Parish. I saw that her middle name was A. in a census. I did see in a Washington Township, Arcadia, Caroll County IA report, that her middle name was L.

Notes on Eliza Lovely's brother, Michael Lovely

I HAD IN MY RECORDS THAT HE WAS BORN JAN 15 1845 This was obtained from birth records , I think.
See below

Michael moved from Carroll, IA area to Omaha, in 1884 and was a carpenter and entered the building business in Omaha, in which he won substantial prosperity, erecting many buildings in Nebraska and Iowa which today are monuments to his labor and evidence of his skills. {taken from the Omaha and Douglas County book, at the State Historical Society in Lincoln, NE}

The 1928 "Who's Who in Omaha" shows birth year 1849, but his sons, Williams, birth records shows differently.
The 1861 census in Ontario shows him to be 13, which would be about right right for 1849.

While in Omaha, NE he lived at 1021 S. 20th in 1891

Notes on Michael Lovely's son, William

William was 77 when he died in an Omaha hospital Thursday night. An active Democrat, along with his bothers and father. He former chairman of the Douglas County Democratic Central Committee.
He was appointed Public Defender, after the death of his brother, Joseph.
Info from the newspaper.

Notes on Michael Lovely's son, Joseph

Joe died in an apartment fire, where he lived along with seven others. He was 72 years old. Joe was County Public Defender since 1933 serving for 27 years. Among some of his courtroom battles were defences of accused slayers Luther Wesley Wilson, George Daniel Jones, and James Larosse- all first degree cases. In 1916 and 1917, he served in the state legislature. He also served 4 terms as deputy tax assessor. Joe went through the Omaha public school system and graduated from Creighton Univ in 1908 in the arts and sciences, and received his law degree at Creighton, in 1914. Source is newspaper article from the Lincoln Star, Nebraska---May 30, 1960

Notes on Michael Lovely's son, Francis

He was a long time doctor in Omaha.
His Obit stated:
Funeral for D. Frank T. Lovely, age 63.
Long time Omaha physician will be buried at 10 AM, Tuesday at Our Lady of Lourdes and Internment at Calvery cemetery. Dr. Lovely lived with his sister, Mrs. Hobson H. Maulick at 1717 S. 33 st. Also srurviving are 3 brothers, Joseph, Douglas Co. defender, William of Omaha, and Dr. James P. Lovely of San Jose, CA, and 2 sisters, Mrs Eugene O'Sullivan and Mrs. William N. Jamieson, both of Omaha.

Notes on Michael Lovely's son, Michael Joseph Clair LOVELY

Michael went by the name of Clair.
He was with some friends swimming in a sand pit near valley, Ne and drowned. He was near 21

Notes on Michael Lovely's son, James

He was a doctor in San Jose, CA in 1960.