Joseph Kenny's parents are

Veronica Janda & Dan L. Kenny

Dan Kenny's parents were  Lee R. Kenny and G. Clare Connor

Clare Connor's parents were James Hoey Connor and Katherine May

Katherine A. May's parents were Timothy May and Mary Tobin

Timothy May's parents were James May and Elizabeth Britekirk.

James's parents were Timothy Franklin May and Ellen Briely

Notes on James May

When James and Betsy were married, they owned a farm, but sold it and took
the money to move from Canada to the U.S. to purchase another farm for them to live. He was never heard of again, and was presumed killed by the Indians. (note was from Gertrude May's files.)
Betsy and the children ,(the ones that weren't married yet), moved in with her son Timothy and his wife, Mary Tobin May, who were living in Petersborough, near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They lived with Timothy and Mary until the family was pretty well grown, moved to the U.S. with them, and then later purchased their own home in Ackley, Iowa. At the time of James' disappearance, their youngest child, Hariett, ( Hattie) )Bridget?) was six months old.
My original notes showed name was Harriet. Other updated notes showed it as Bridget

Terrence May wrote: The Mahoneys and Tobins were Irish immigrants who settled in Douro, Petersborough, Ontario, Canada
in 1825. A number of Irish families were selected by Peter Robinson,
under the authority of and with funding from the English Crown, to settle in Ontario.
Ireland was experiencing tough times due to crop famines and was under
British occupation then. The British were anxious to populate the parts of
Canada under their control to keep the French from gaining the upper
hand. They encourage Irish settlers. There are books about the
Robinson expedition, including the names of the passengers on board
the seven ships that crossed the Atlantic from Ireland to Canada.

James and Elizabeth may have had a son Peter. There is a Peter who is staying with Timothy may and Mary Tobin May in the 1870 census of Hardin county, IA, age 25.
May have also had a Jennie as daughter, abt 1822

In some handwritten notes of Clare McHale's, she has James' father as James.

Notes on Timothy May

Info from Margaret Morgan: Naturalized - September 7, 1863, DeWitt, Clinton County, Iowa. Listed himself as a native of Upper Canada
Moved to IA in 1858, per Bill Byers

Timothy may rocked Mary Tobins cradle and at an early age, decided to marry her...never had another sweetheart in fact. /per Gertrude May's notes

Jim Tobins notes:
1870 Census in Etna, Hardin Co., Iowa; listed as a Saloon Keeper - Margaret Morgan
Timothy and Mary were in Etna as early as the 1860's - Margaret Morgan
Timothy was naturalized in 1863 - Margaret Morgan
Census of 1860, Iowa, Clinton Co., Olive Township, Calmas, lists as farmer.
Census of 1870, Iowa, Hardin, Etna, page 5; confirmed, listed as Saloon Keeper
Census of 1880, Iowa, Hardin, Ackley, #115, p 31/31 has Age 46, keeping boarding house

Notes on Katherine Alice May

At the time of Catherine's death, she lived at 2604 Bristol Street, in Omaha, NE.
Died of a Coronary Thrombosis

Margaret Morgan has place of birth as Ackley, IA