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Joseph Kenny's parents are:

Veronica Janda & Dan L. Kenny

Dan Kenny's parents were  Lee R. Kenny and G. Clare Connor

Clare Connor's parents were James Hoey Connor and Katherine May

Katherine A. May's parents were Timothy May and Mary Tobin

Mary Tobin's parents were Thomas Tobin and Jane Clifford

Thomas Tobin's parents were John Tobin and Ellen


Jane Clifford's House in County Cork

John Tobin's house in County Cork

 Cloghleafin, John Tobin's house and Clifford's bungalow

Michael and Bridget Tobin

Michael and Bridget are Thomas and Jane Clifford Tobin's child,  Mary Tobin's brother and sister-in-law.

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Here are some various records of Tobin's in the Tomacork Parish in Wicklow.

Father Murphy's records on Tobin/Murphy

Notes on John Tobin

I was told that the original name of Tobin was St. Aubyn, when they were Normans.
He was on the Ship "Fortitude that left from Cork Ireland with the Peter Robinson Settlers, destination was Douro, Peterborough, Ontario. There they were given land and they resided at:
E Lot 10, con 3, Douro
info per The Book Peter Robinson Settlers, by Carol Bennett, page 153

Notes on Thomas and Jane Tobin

Thomas died while cutting trees. Another man was also cutting trees when the other mans tree fell on Thomas Tobin.  Jane's husband had a tree fall on his and died. Jane was with child at the time.
According to Canadian English law, the eldest son inherits 2/3's of the fathers estate. This left Jane with 1/3 and a large family to support. Some time after this, Jane married a Mr. Dawson.

Mr. Dawson had died in Canada.
Jane lived with daughter Ellen for a while, then after Mr. Dawson's death, her son Ned had established himself in New York State and Jane moved in with him until her death.
per Clare McHale's notes.

Notes on Mary Tobin

Info from Margaret Morgan: She went to live with her sister Ellen when her mother married Mr. Dawson. This was not due to the marriage but because Mary could help with Ellen's large family.
Per letter from James A. May, Grandmother May (Mary Tobin) spoke Gaelic or at least a language she said was Gaelic.
Moved to IA in 1858, per Bill Byers
Mary died at the home of Gertrude May Cooney.
Jim Tobins notes:
1880 Census, Town of Ackley, Hardin Co., Iowa; Age on 1 June 1880 40
Joseph A. KENNY has born 1840, married about 1856 in Peterborough and died 1917 in Mitchell, Davison Co., S. Dakota and buried? (Fact) in 1917 in Ackley, Iowa
Margaret MORGAN states that she always understood that Mary TOBIN May lived in Mitchell with some of her brothers.
Mary's grandson remembered that Mary used to speak something she called Gaelic when she was angry.
Mary worked as a cook for the railroad after Timothy died. - Margaret MORGAN.
Census of 1910, South Dakota, Davison, Mitchell Township, #134, p 3/23 has age 70, widow, living with D. J. COONEY family, b. Canada, both parents b. Ireland, able to read and write.

Here are some of the St Peter's records and other records near Douro.

St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church records, Douro, Peterborough, Ont.



August 12, 1894
Waine, Jacobus, Ashburnham, son of Gabril? Waine and Johanna Gallagher, Ireland, to Maria Tobin, Ashburnham, daughter of James Tobin and Sara Stapleton, Ashburnham.
Witnesses:  ?????Tobin and Sara Tobin
Note: This microfiche was smeared and difficult to read.  It was also in Latin!  I believe "Jacobus" is James......
John Joseph Meyette, born May 1, 1904, baptised May 15, 1904, son of
Charles Meyette and Annie Tobin of Peterborough
Sponsors:  Ernest Meyette and Sarah Tobin
There is a note beside this entry in the register which reads:
Married at Woller, Ontario 1937 to Lena Shannon by Rev. H. Black.
Married in Peterborough July 24, 1956 to Doris Mabel Richardson by Rev. J. E. Moss.
Baptism December 6, 1908
Charles Edwin Meyette
Born December 1, 1908
Parents Charles Meyette and Annie Tobin of Peterborough
Sponsors James Tobin and Mabel Power
Rev. W. J. McColl
Baptism April 25, 1909
Anna Elizabeth Meade
Born April 23, 1909
Parents James Meade and Bridget Tobin of Peterborough
Sponsors Cornelius Clancy and Catherine Sheehan
Rev. V. G. McFadden
Baptism July 18, 1909
Joseph Leonard Tobin
Born July 8, 1909
Parents:  Morris (I believe it should be Maurice) Tobin and Eliza Daignault of Peterborough
Sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tobin
Remarks on record:  Married Anna Theresa DeCarlo March 9, 1936 by Rev. Paul Costello at St. Peter's Cathedral
Baptism August 22, 1909
Catherine Ellen Clancy
Born August 21, 1909
Parents:  Cornelius Clancy and Mrs. Elizabeth Condon
Rev. M. J. O'Brien
Baptism September 19, 1909
James Francis Murray
Born September 9, 1909
Parents:  James F. Murray and Caroline Tobin of Peterborough
Sponsors:  Harry O'Brien and Nora Fitzgerald
Rev. W. J. McColl
Remarks on record:  Married to Nora Ann Reynolds (non Catholic) at St. Patrick's Church, Junction City, KY, USA
Baptism November 28, 1909
Mary Isabella Leahy
Born November 24, 1909
Parents:  William Henry Leahy and Mary Josephine Tobin of Douro
Sponsors:  Maurice O'Heron and Mrs. Thomas Tobin
Rev. P. J. Kelly
Remarks on record:  Married to Joseph James Conway at Immaculate Conception Church September 27, 1937 by Rev. T. J. O'Sullivan
Baptism May 9, 1911
Maurice James Tobin
Born May 8, 1911
Parents:  Maurice Tobin of Peterborough
Sponsors:  Johannah Garvey and Ed Fredenburg
Rev. F. J. O'Brien
Remarks:  Baptised in the home privately
Baptism June 4, 1911
Maurice James Tobin
Born May 14, 1911
Parents:  Maurice James Tobin and Eliza Daignault of Peterborough
Sponsors:  Edward J. Fredenburg and Johannah O'Donnell
Note:  This appears to be the same child as above, but the dates are different
Baptism July 23, 1911
Mary Ellen Meyette
Born July 13, 1911
Parents:  Charles Meyette and Annie Tobin of Peterborough
Sponsors:  Eileen Primeau and Joe Primeau
Rev. F. J. O'Brien
Baptism September 17, 1911 
John Francis Meade
Born September 5, 1911
Parents:  James Meade and Bridget Tobin of Peterborough
Sponsors:  Francis Guerin and Catherine Clancy
Rev. J. J. McCarthy
Remarks on record:  Married at Immaculate Conception parish on February 19, 1938 to Lucy Mary Sandiford by Rev. T. J. O'Sullivan
Baptism September 24, 1911
Jno Edward Tobin
Born September 12, 1911
Parents:  Patrick Tobin and Emily Pottle of Peterborough
Sponsors:  John Tobin and Margaret Kovaleski
Rev. J. J. McCarthy
Remarks on record:  Mother Protestant.  
Next Remark:  Married Mary Corrine Hynes August 2, 1941 at St. Peter's
Baptism January 14, 1912
Mariella Tobin
Born January 3, 1912
Parents:  Neil Tobin and Sadie McDonnel of Peterborough
Sponsors:  Wm. J. Kearns and Bridget Kearns
Baptism May 26, 1912
Bernard Edward Murdock
Born April 30, 1912
Parents:  Joseph Murdock and Margaret Tobin of Peterborough
Sponsors:  Edward Murphy and Elizabeth Sheridan
Rev. F. J. O'Brien
(according to my mother, Margaret Tobin was from Lindsay, Ont.)
Baptism December 15, 1912
Cecelia Doherty Tobin
Born December 4, 1912
Parents:  M. J. Tobin and Eliza Daignault of Peterborough
Sponsors:  Austin Daignault and Mrs. Jos. Daignault
Rev. A. B. Cote
Baptism January 26, 1913
Francis Gerald Meyette
Born January 15, 1913
Parents:  Charles Meyette and Annie Tobin of Peterborough
Sponsors:  Fred Primeau and Grace Primeau
Rev. F. J. O'Brien
Remarks on record:  Married Dorothy Antonio at St. Clements Church - Preston, Ont. on June 6, 1942 by Rev. O. J. Meyers?
Baptism July 27, 1913
William Thomas James Tobin 
Born July 25, 1913
Parents:  Leo Tobin and Bridget Leahy of Peterborough
Sponsors:  Joseph McCarthy and Katherine McMahon
Rev. F. J. O'Brien
Remarks on record:  Married Viola Bosley at St. Peter's Cathedral on May 10, 1933 by Rev. P. Costello
Further Remarks:  Married Rose Mary Holts at Sacred Heart 8/2/74
Baptism March 26, 1916
Leo Francis Tobin
Born March 8, 1916
Parents:  Morris J. Tobin and Eliza Daignault of Peterborough
Sponsors:  Leo Tobin and Mrs. A. Kendry
ev. J. A. McHugh
Baptism October 17, 1920
James Michael Tobin
Born September 27, 1920
Parents:  Patrick Tobin and Emmaline Potter of Peterborugh
Sponsors:  James Griffin and Catherine Tierney
Remarks on Record:  Married to Anna (unreadable)August 29, 1942
WW1 records
I went through the WW1 records and found these Tobins from the 

Peterborough area:

Austin Edward Tobin  dob June 28, 1894
Joseph Tobin  dob April 28, 1888
Leo Francis Tobin  dob May 12, 1888
Morris (Maurice) James Tobin  dob April 24, 1880
Vincent Tobin  dob Feb 7, 1897
Here is the link for anyone interested in looking at the records these folks completed when the joined the service....
Recorded by Cheryl Jones

 Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Church - Hastings   Recorded by Cheryl Jones

Baptised Dec 24, 1848
Thomas Tobin
Born Dec 8, 1848
Parents:  Cornelius Tobin and Eliza Jordan of Percy Twp.
Sponsors:  James Jordan and Margaret Kennedy
Rev. Bernard Higgins


Baptised Aug 26, 1849
William Tobin
Born Apr 20, 1849
Parents:  Patrick Tobin and Margaret Coughlin of Asphodel
Sponsors:  Edward Grady and Mary Quinlan
Rev. Bernard Higgins

Baptised Apr 13, 1851
Ellen Tobin
Born Jan 24, 1851
Parents:  Patrick Tobin and Margaret Coughlin of Ashphodel
Sponsors:  Jos. Wm. Ayles and Mrs. Mary Kegarn?
Rev. Bernard Higgins
Baptisms - Immaculate Conception Church  Recorded by Cheryl Jones
Baptised Dec 6, 1914
John Maitland Murdock
Born Nov 9, 1914 in Peterborough
Parents:  Joseph Murdock and Margaret Tobin
Sponsors:  Neil Tobin and Sara Tobin
Rev. W. J. McColl
Comments on record:  Sept 11, 1943 married Lillian Mary McMahon
Witnesses were Albert Guerin and Mildred Milne

Baptised July 11, 1915
John Daniel Tobin
Born July 1, 1915 in Otonabee
Parents:  John Tobin and Mary Teresa Shea
Sponsors:  Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Clancy
Rev J. J. McCarthy
Comments:  Private baptism


Baptised Aug 29, 1915
Mary Adeline Liz----Tobin
Born Aug 21, 1915 in Peterborough
Parents:  Leo Tobin and Bridget Leahy
Sponsors:  Thomas Tobin and Alina Tobin
Rev. W. J. McColl

Baptised June 11, 1916
Mary Marcella Tobin
Born June 9, 1916 in Peterborough
Parents:  Austin Tobin and Gertrude Kiley
Sponsors:  Martin Kylie and Miss M. Tobin
Rev. T. J. Scott


Baptised Nov 3, 1918
Bernadette Murdock
Born Oct 27, 1918 in Peterborough
Parents:  Joseph Murdock and Margaret Tobin
Sponsors:  Joseph McCoy and Elizabeth McCoy
Rev. W. J. McColl

From the "Illustrated Historical Atlas - Peterborough County - 1825 -

Patrick Tobin, w 1/2 lot 20, conc 6, settled 1836, born in Canada,

Thomas Tobin, pt lot 11, conc 2, settled 1852, born in Canada, farmer

 Patrick Tobin, w 1/2 lot 7, conc 5, settled in 1839, merchant, from
Ireland, Hastings Post office


Village of Ashburnham (east side of Peterborough)

Tobin, John Jr. 3 n Maria St. at Lake St. settled here in 1858, brewer,
from Ireland

Tobin, John Sr. 1 w Lake St. npt, settled here in 1858, brewer from


This information comes from a book entitled "Through the Years in
Douro 1822 - 1967"

Irish Emmigrants located by Peter Robinson in Douro Twp. Oct 1, 1825
(prepared from the Robinson settlement papers)

John Tobin Jr. age 24 - east half lot 10, Conc 2 - 100 acres
(father John Tobin Sr. died on land Apr 10, 1826)
Others in family
Johanna (?) (mother)
Mary 21, Edmund 5, Maurice 3, Catherine 2
Daily rations given - 2 1/4 lbs meat  2 3/4 lbs flour

Thomas Tobin age 30 - east half lot 10, Conc 3 - 100 acres
Others in family
Ellen, 50, mother
Mary 28, Ellen 26, Johanna 24, Ellen 1
Daily rations given 3 1/4 lbs meat  5 1/4 lbs flour

Douro Township Ratepayers - 1887

Tobin, Cornelius, tennant, Lot 10, Conc. 1
Tobin, Maurice, freeholder, Lot 10, Conc 2
Tobin, Morris, tennant, Lot 10, Conc 2
Tobin, Michael, freeholder, Lot 11, Conc 4
Tobin, Thomas, tennant, Lot 7, Conc 4

Douro Twp. School Teachers

S.S. 4 - W 1/2 lot 2, conc 4. Replaced by brick school in 1892. 
Closed December 1955

1926 - 1930 Mary E. Tobin (Torpey)

S.S. 8 - W 1/2 lot 10, conc 6  Replaced by brick school 1891 E 1/2
lot 2,Conc 6.  Closed December 1955

1922 - 1923 Ella Tobin