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Notes from the files of Joseph A. Kenny

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About the Church

Due to the influx of settler into the Rideau canal area of Smiths Falls Ontario, many business' and churches were built.  St Francis de Sales mission held its first mass in 1829.  The actual church was built in 1832 and in 1838, Rev, McDonagh was the priest appointed to St. Francis de Salle and for the neighboring town, Perth.  The first resident pastor  came in 1846 - Rev. Philip O'Reilly.  

In 1851, the cemetery and Presbytery was built. This presbytery was later enlarged in 1886-87

In 1874, the township of Kitley was detached from the St. Francis de Sales mission and was made into its own mission.  In 1875, Merrickville was annexed into the St. Francis de Sales mission, then detached into its own mission in 1886.

In 1877, there were 700 Catholics that belonged to St. Francis de Salle.

In 1939, the church was renovated.  On February 9, 1848, the church was destroyed by fire.  It was never determined the source.  The walls withstood the fire, and the first service held after the fire was Midnight mass, on Christmas Eve, 1848.

Below, are the records that I have obtained copies from the St. Francis de Sales parish records. I have filed them in book form and here is the      "Table of Contents" of this book.

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More General church records Smiths Falls and Brockville

Here are some various records of Kennys in the Tomacork Parish

Note that all spellings below are as they were in the record


Contains information acquired from the St. Francis de Sales parish
in Smiths Falls, Ontario, from 1848 to 1910

Contains the following information;

Born on this date              parents                   sponsor
Mary Kenny 11-4-1852 Thos. Kenny & Elenor Purcell - Nich.& Mary Balfe
Elenor Kenny 2-5-1856 Thos. Kenny & Elenor Purcell -Peter Sinnott,Ann Balfe
Thomas Kenny 6-16-1865 Rich'd Kenny & Eliza Lovely - M. McDonnell, Mary Lovely
Mary Ann Kenny 12-17-1866 Rich'd Kenny & Eliza Lovely - Edw'd Lovely, Mary Konan
Arthur McGuiggin 6-25-1882 Arthur McGuinnin & Elenor Kenny
Michael Hourigan 1-17-1877 Francis Hourigan & Mary Kenny - Mr.Mrs. King
Thomas Hourigan 7-10-1880 '' '' '' '' Mich'l Hourigan, Eliza Kenny
John James '' '' 6-13-1884 '' '' '' '' Catherine Kelly
Bridget Ann '' '' 3-22-1886 '' '' '' '' Thos Mahan, Bridg. Sinnott
Mary Teresa '' '' 3-30-1888 '' '' '' ''
Thomas Leo '' '' 3-22-1890 '' '' '' '' Mr. & Mrs. Kelly
Veronica '' '' 12-7-1892 '' '' '' '' Mr. & Mrs McGuiggin
Leonard Jos. '' '' 5-8-1894 '' '' '' '' John & Mary Hourigan
Sally Balfe 11-15-1848 Thos Balfe & Sally Kenny - M.Franks & Mary Balfe
Michael Balfe 7-30-1852 Thos Balfe & Sara Kenny - Pat'k Sinnott & Bridg. Murphy
Thomas Balfe 3-24-1871 Thos. Balfe & Ann Hourigan -
Bridget Balfe 7-17-1878 '' '' '' '' Pat'k & Bridget Sinnott
Elenor Hourigan 6-21-1878 Francis Hourigan & Mary Kenny-M. Kelly & Elenor Kenny
Mary Hourigan 7-11-1882 '' '' '' ''
Elizabeth Lovely (age 5) 3-14-1849 Edw'd & Bridget Lovely - Thos Balfe & Cath.Curren
Catherine McDonald (age 5)'' '' John McDonald & Ellen Lovely -Edw. Lovely, Sally Balfe
Ellen Lovely Aug, 1849 Edw'd Lovely & Bridg. Donnelly - Jos. Lovely, Sara Roach
Edward Lovely 5-24-1855 '' '' '' '' - Jos. Lovely, Sara McDonnell
Henry Foster 10-25-1860 James Foster & Mary Lovely - Mich'l Borves & Mary Lovely

Married on this date                                Parents
Rich'd Kenny 2-27-1865              Thomas Kenny & Elenor Purcell
Eliza Lovely                           Edw'd Lovely & Bridg. Donnelly

Arthur McGuiggin 5-1-1881            Arthur McG. & Elizabeth Hosey
Elenor Kenny                          Thos. Kenny & Elenor Purcell

Francis Hourigan 4-24-1876              Mich'l Hourigan & Bridg. Maloney
Mary Kenny                                  Thos. Kenny & Ellen Purcell

Stephen Farrell 11-27-1868               Jas. Farrell & Alice O'Callahan
Margaret Balfe                            Thos. Balfe & Sara Kenny

Edward O'Mara 2-4 1880                Wm. O'Mara & Margaret Roonsen
Sarah Balfe                                   Thos. Balfe & Sarah Kenny

Thomas Balfe 2-15-1870           Thos. Balfe & Sara Kenny
Ann Hourigan                  Mich'l Hourigan & Bridg. Maloney

James Lovely 11-20-1874          Jos. Lovely & Catherine Curren
Ann Banville                          Pat'k Banville & Mary Kelly

Died buried on this date    Where     Age    in presence

Sarah Balfe 10-13-1899 St. Francis de Salle 87 Thos. Balfe

Contains familiar Family names that I haven't connected
with parents.

Married on this date                                Parents

Jos. McSpaddin 1-12-1874          Wm. McSpaddin & Mehely Lovely
Margaret O'Connell                  Maurice O'Connell & Marg. McAntee

Martin Kenney Widower 5-13-1867         Pat'k Kenney & Julia O'Brian
Widow Kiessel                                Cosmos Kiessel & Mary Kehoe

Partick O'Brian 11-8-1860             Dan'l O'Brian & Catherine O'Neil
Eliza Kenney                          James Kenney and Rose Friel

Patrick Kenny 2-13-1878            James Kenny & Rosannah Friel
Martha Keenan                         John Keenan & Alice Doyle

Dudley O'Connor 11-22-1852           Township of Kitley
Elenor Kenny                           Township of Kitley

Peter Byrnes 2-23-1854                   Township of Kitley
Mary Balfe                                Township of Elmsly

Thomas Toohey 2-27-1854              Township of Elmsly
Catherine Kenny                        Township of Bastard

Born on this date                    Parents                                    Sponsors

Teresa Kenny 7-9-1862 John Kenny & Frances Ann Duncan - C.Doyle & Maria Kenny
Martin Kenny 6-14 1864 '' '' '' '' - JohnVaughan & Cath. Kenny
John Sinnott 8-1-1867 Robert Sinnott & Ann Balfe - M. O'Donnell & Marg. Balfe
Albert Kenny 7-17-1867 John Kenny & Frances A. Duncan- Pat'k Hourigan, Ann Kenny
John Maden 3-24-1857 James Maden & Mary Keny - James Cahil & Ann McDonnell
Thomas Toohey 6-3-1860 James Toohey & Hanora Kenny - Mich'l Kenny, Mrs Toohey

Died died on this date         Where          Age                Witness

Martin Kenny 9-2-1894 Cemetery of this mission - 85 - Francis Hourigan, Mich'l King


Contains the townships of Elmsley, Bastard, Leeds, Kitley, and Brockville.
Also included is the Agricultural Census for those areas.

Contains the townships of Elmsley, Leeds, Brockville, Bastard and Kitley.
Also included is the Agricultural Census for those areas.

 Contains the townships of Leeds, Elmsley and the town Grenville.

Contains information of the various pastors and a history of the construction and re-modeling after a fire nearly destroyed it. Also included are Confirmations from the 1850's through 1900.
In some cases, the confirmations have the child's age.


This section provides a breakdown of the various townships of Ontario, and how they changes names and their borders with different years.

This section provides continued research on various areas such as addresses of Archive agencies, information on census' and land acquisitions, info on naturalization records, vital records and wills. It also provides section of bibliographies.