Here are some memories that Ryan Lamb and Kelly Lamb Colbert had of our mother, Veronica Janda Kenny  (published Jan. 30, 2009)

Ryan said; 

"Sure, I'll think of some fun stories about her. How about these:

Her coming with you to my senior recital - and announcing aloud, "He stands up so straight"

Of all the letters and cards we received when Dad died, the letter she wrote to Kelly and me was the most heartfelt and touching

Her letting me stay over at her house on Saturday nights after I would meet friend at The Max - and cooking me breakfast on Sunday mornings

The way her house would smell when we'd arrive on Thanksgiving - and the bustle of energy we could feel upon entering

Her old, faux-snow Christmas tree in the living room

The pajamas she would sew us every year for Christmas - and how I looked forward to receiving them and seeing what colors they would be

The underwear and socks she would also give us for Christmas - and how disappointing those always were

I wasn't there, but your taking her to see "The Blue Lagoon." This one still falls under the "What were you thinking?" category.

Riding with her in that 1960s blue Chevrolet she drove, how it smelled, and the garage at the bottom of the hill, and how it smelled

Her love of birds - especially cardinals

Her once telling me that she "wouldn't go across the street to see Carol Channing"

That her favorite color, at least when I asked her when I was 6 or so, was lavender

Her teaching me to stay in the lines when I colored, probably at about 3 years old

That evening of some Kenny function at her house - can't recall what the occasion was - when she had had the makeover, and how gorgeous she looked"


Kelly said; "  

Here are some of my immediate memories of Grandma just off the top of my head:

When I would pick her up to take her places, she always held my hand in the car and would stroke it with her (deformed) thumb the whole time.
Her deformed thumb
When I would watch her color your hair in the kitchen and she would always get the color all over your face and in your ears.

 When you said, "mom, you're getting it all over my face and in my ears," she would say, "what, like THIS?" and put more on your face and in your ears

The time she called you and threw a fit over the fact I wasn't wearing "pants" under my skirt - I thought she literally meant pants and she thought I was going commando

When she cut my bangs right before my second grade pictures

The Vienna finger cookies she always had in her pantry

The stale Vic's popcorn she always had in her pantry

Her pantry in general

The old blue car she had that had the ignition on the dash board

Going to IHOP with her so she could get some variety of French toast

Taking her to Linda for her haircut, whom she would always faithfully leave $1

Being jealous that Grandma always got the boys the "book" of Lifesavers for Christmas and always getting me clothes that were way too small

Sitting on her front porch with her and rocking in those old, orange plastic chairs

When she let me stay with her for a few weeks and would get so mad at me when I wasn't home for dinner.

I came home once to find her completely tangled up in her IV on the porch and we laughed and laughed as we spun her around and around to get her untangled

How I always made her hearing aid squeak when I hugged her

How jealous I was of that damn letter Ryan wrote her years ago. I would write her a little every few months, but we heard about 'Ryan's letter'
How completely and unconditionally loved she made me feel. I can still hear her voice clearly - whenever I left, she would take my face in her hands to kiss me and say, 'Kelly, I love you.'
I could on and on. "