The "Ghost" of Anne Kenny Gillick

Anne Kenny was a sister to Richard Kenny, and daughter of Thomas Kenny


When I visited Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin in 2001, I had an opportunity to see the old Gillick farm house.  It was still standing and the barns were all in place.  Living on property, in a small modular home in front of the house was the lady who owned the place.  Her name was Mrs. Ackerman, (no relation to Anna Gillicks son in law, Ed Ackerman).

Just a little background.. Mrs. Ackerman was mentioning that they were thinking of tearing down the old house and barns.  I naturally tried to help her to re-consider those thoughts.

Mrs. Ackerman was very cordial and took me on a tour of the old house.  Her family lived in the house for quite a few years, up to just a few years ago, when they built the modular home, closer to  the road.  Mrs. Ackerman shared many memories she had about living in the ol' Gillick home, including, the many visits to her from a lady, who was a spirit.  She didn't know who this enmity was, but told me that she would be seen in their rocking chair from time to time, or in other parts of the house.

I have to admit, I didn't have much faith in Mrs. Ackerman's story.  She seem to rattle on a bit with me to a point where I didn't find her stories creditable.   Then she described what the lady looked like, and I proceeded to show her a picture of Anna Kenny Gillick.

Mrs. Ackerman simply said, "Well, that's the lady that I always saw."

Joe Kenny