1798 Claims List

This list was compiled by Kevin Lee, a Carnew historian. This list is a compilation of claims to Lord Fitzwilliam, for property damage from the government forces during the uprising and battles. Spellings are per this report


William Armstrong, farmer, Carnew.

House, provision, furniture, mare, cloaths.


John Armstrong, farmer, Carnew.

House, Mare, furniture, cloaths.


Nicholas Bedlow, blacksmith, Carnew

House, crops, smiths’ tools.


George Binks, Lieutenant, Croneyhorn.

Cattle, cloaths, provision, wine, car and tackling.


Robert Blayney, farmer, brewer, Carnew

Houses, furniture, cattle, ales, spirit. (£1,030)


Ralph Blayney, distillers, Carnew

Spirits, barley, cattle, hay and cash.


R. Blayney,clothier, Carnew

House, furniture, a press and loom


Elizabeth and Michael Braddell, farmer, Croneyhorn.

House, furniture, interest on lease lost by her husband’s death. (£596)


Joseph Braddell,Lieutenant, Ballingate.

Cattle, corn, whiskey, cloaths.


Revd. George Braddell, Ballingate.

Cattle, wine, spirits and bacon


Bartholomew Burland, farmer, Coollattin.

Cash and provisions.


John Byrne, tobacconist, Carnew

Furniture, cloaths and potatoes.


Richard Carr, farmer, Tomacork

Sheep, cloaths and a car


Thomas Codd, farmer, Ballingate

Mare, bacon, meal


Anne Crowder, widow, Carnew

House, straw and butter


Robert Dobbs, farmer, Ballyellis.

Horses, butter, bacon, oatmeal, potatoes, a saddle and bridle.


Robert Dobbs, publican, Carnew.

Houses, furniture, rent, provision, crop and hay.


Michael Dowzer, cooper, Tomacork.

Houses, provision, furniture, cloaths, timber.


Jane Downes, Carnew.



Thomas Ebbs, farmer, Croneyhorn.

Cabin, furniture, cloaths, a car.


Thomas Edward, labourer, Carnew.

Furniture, cloaths and potatoes.


Edward Fitzsimons, Carnew.

House, pig, fowl.


Richard Free, farmer, Carnew.

Furniture, pigs, herrings


William Free, labourer, Carnew

A gun, cloaths.


Nicholas Graham, farmer, Umregar.

Mares, sheep, cars, loss of profit on cows


Richard Graham, miller, Carnew

House burned, loss of rent, loss of profit on cows.


John Grandy, farmer, Croneyhorn

Mare, filly, provisions.


Henry Grandy, farmer, Croneyhorn.

House burned, mare, gun.


Wm. Cooke, farmer, Croneyhorn.

House burned, mare, gun


Thomas Greene, shopkeeper, Carnew.

Shop, goods, mare, a cow.


Mary Harrison, widow, Carnew

Furniture, a horse, corn, pasture.

William Hendrick, constable, Carnew

Cloaths and furniture.


Edward Hopkins, sawyer, Carnew

Furniture, linen and fowl


Elizabeth Hope, widow, Carnew.

House, furniture, cloaths, cart


Jane Hope, widow, Carnew

Corn, furniture, tools, leather.


Jane Jacob, widow, Carnew

House burned, furniture, provisions


John Lawrenson-James, yeoman, Carnew.

Houses burned, furniture, cloaths


Ralph James, Esquire, Carnew.

Houses burned (£631) and at Ballyellis houses burned


Do. As rep of Richard James, Carnew

Plate, candles, tallow and candle frames (£624) and at Ballyconrin, Co. Wexford, houses, bark, skins, cattle and wine(£547).


Richard James, Carnew

House Burned


William Johns, farmer, Carnew

Houses burned, provisions.


James Kerevan, butcher, Carnew.

House, furniture, hay, bacon.


Rev. Joseph Lendrum, Carnew.

Cloath, plate, sheep.


Ann Leonard, widow, Carnew.

Cattle, hay, spirits, ale and furniture (£282)


Joseph Leonard, shopkeeper, Carnew.

House burned, hay corn, stock and goods.


James Murphy, taylor, Carnew

House, furniture, linen, cloath.



William and James Murphy, skinners, Carnew.

Houses, furniture, crop.


David Pavey, Carnew

House, furniture, cloaths and crop.


John Page, Carnew

House, furniture, fowl, potatoess, barley.


Robert Page, Carnew, blacksmith, Carnew.

Smiths tools, bellows, furniture


Samuel Pearce, carpenter, Carnew

House, furniture, tools and boards.


John Pierson, farmer, Carnew.

House, horse, potatoes, furniture.


Joyce Porter, widow, Carnew

Houses, furniture, provision and straw


Joseph Presley, yeoman, Carnew

House, car furniture, cloaths


William Presley, farmer, Croneyhorn

 A horse


Thomas Ralph, weaver, Carnew

Houses, furniture, weavers’ reeds, loss of time.


William Rathwell, labourer, Carnew.

House, cloaths, furniture, pig.


James Rickeby, cordwainer, Tombreane.

House, furniture, cloaths, chest


John Rickerby, cooper, Carnew

House and offices, furniture, cloaths, car and hay


John Scantling, farmer, Croneyhorn.

House burned, furniture, meal.


James Sheridan, yeoman, Carnew.

House, cloaths and furniture.


John Stone, farmer, Carnew.

Houses, meadow, furniture.