Kenny Burials in the area surrounding Carnew, Co. Wicklow

By Anne Burgess


From the Memorials at Craanford, Monaseed, Hollyfort, Rossminogue, Killnahue, Knockbrandon and Mount Saint Benedict Cemeteries in County Wexford.


Monaseed Cemetery: no Kennys


Craanford Cemetery: (numbers are plot numbers)


3 Kenny

Erected by Peter Kenny of Glandoran in memory of his son Laurence, who departed this life 24th November 1871, aged 23 years.

Also his son Patrick, who died the 11th of February 1878, aged 43 years.


20 Kenny

In loving memory of James Kenny, Craanford, who died 16th September, 1877, aged 36 years.

Also his wife Mary Ann Kenny died 21st January 1881, aged 44 years.

Their son, Aidan, died 15th May, 1881, aged 11 years.

Their children Cecelia and Michael who died young.

Their daughter Anastata Doyle died 5th January 1958, aged 84 years

(Interred in New Cemetery)


34 Kenny


This tomb is erected by Thomas Kenny of Boley in memory of his beloved wife Margaret Kenny alias Kennedy who departed December 13th aged 58 years.

Also his eldest son Moses Kenny who departed December 2nd 1845 aged 35 years.

Also the founder Thomas Kenny who departed this life 6th day of October 1839, aged 90 years.

Also his son Owen Kenny who departed this life 23rd day of February 1875, aged 58years.

Also his daughter Mary Kenny who died 3rd of August 1892, aged 73 years.

Also his daughter Anne Kenny died 30th of October 1896, aged 61 years.


50 Kenny

Erected to the memory of Catherine Kenny late of Glandoran who departed this life September the 7th 1839, aged 76 years.


51 Kenny

Erected by Catherine Kenny of Knockbrandon in memory of her beloved husband Laurence Kenny who died January 16th, 1850, aged 53 years.

And of her two sons, Thomas and Michael who died young.

And the above Catherine Kenny who died 27th January 1875, aged 70 years.


61 Kenny

Erected by Laurence Kenny of Knockbrandon in memory of his wife Mary Kenny alias Kavanagh, who departed this life February 6th 1829, aged 22 years.


100 Kenny

Erected by Patrick Kenny, Rossminogue

In memory of his father and mother, Michael Kenny who died on 15th July, 1879, aged 43 years.

Margaret Kenny died on 26th April 1916, aged 85 years

Their son James died on 22nd March 1923 aged 45 years.

The above Patrick Kenny died on 25th October, 1953 aged 76 years.

His wife, Ester Kenny died on 13th July, 1954, aged 56 years.


118 Kenny

Erected by Jane Kenny, Newbridge

In Memory of her beloved husband, Michael Kenny who died February 7th, 1892, aged 82 years

Also the above Jane Kenny, who died December 9th, 1898, aged 74 years.


Left hand side:

Thomas Kenny died 13th January 1917, aged 68 years

Celia Kenny died 26th September, 1921, aged 63 years

Elizabeth Kenny died 28th April 1924, aged 56 years.

Mogue Kenny died 12th May, 1924

Jane Kenny died 14th February, 1926, aged 65 years.

Andrew Kenny died 21st October, 1926.


Kilnahue Cemetery:



Erected by Michael Kenna of Creagh

In memory of his beloved daughter

Mary Kate Kenna who died 20th Nov. 1897 aged 18 years

Also his son William Kenna died 27th Feb. 1898 aged 21 years

Also the above Michael Kenna died 26th March 1903 aged 64 years.


St. John's Churchyard, Hollyfort: no Kennys (the names suggest a non-Catholic cemetery)


Knockbrandon Cemetery: no Kennys


Rossminogue Cemetery: no Kennys


The attached map shows where the cemeteries are, Joe.