Observations of Hume, agent, on the estate of Lord Malton, 1730.

National Library of Ireland. Ms.6054.


John Bradwell,              wife            2 sons,               1daughter

Ralph Laurence,            wife            3 sons               4 daughters

Daniel Bourk                 wife            2 sons              3  daughters.

Richd. Free,                   wife            2 sons

Matthew Sheradon        wife            2 sons

William Wheatly           wife            3 sons               2 daughters

Moses Wheatly             wife             2 sons

Heyden Robinson                             2 sons

John James                   wife             2 sons

John Walker                 wife             2 sons

Walter Doyle                wife

Henry Porter                 wife             2 sons               2 daughters

William Watts              wife              1 son

Darby Murphy             wife              2 sons               1 daughter

Charles Towser            wife              1 son

Michael Towser           wife

Walter Bourk               wife               1 son               2 daughters

Widow Byrde                                                            1 daughter

Robert Bennet               wife              2 sons             2 daughters

Widow Inglis                                                            2 daughters

Widow Blany                                     2 sons

John Hopkins                wife                                      1 daughter

Thomas James               wife              1 son               1 daughter

Thomas McCormack    wife               2 sons             1 daughter

Thomas Kirvan             wife               2 sons

William Bryan              wife               2 sons             1 daughter

Frances Bucky              wife               1 son               1 daughter

Peter Nowlan                wife               2 sons             3 daughters

Richd. Bell                    wife

John Kinderkon             wife               6 sons             1 daughter

John Kevian                  wife

Owen Conner                wife               1 son               2 daughters

John Loughlin               wife               2 sons

Dan Byrne                     wife               2 sons              4 daughters

Mark Smith                   wife              1 son                2 daughters

Daniel Lee                     wife              1 son

John Doyle                    wife

John Byrne                     wife                5 sons               2 daughters

Timothy Darcy               wife                                         1 daughter

James Connor                 wife                                         1 daughter

Edmund Maugher           wife                1 son                 2 daughters

John Connor                   wife                1 son                 2 daughters

William Byrne                wife                1 son                 3 daughters

John Hops                       wife                1 son

Patrick Kavanagh            wife               3 sons               3 daughters

John Doyle                      wife               2 sons               2 daughters


In addition Kevin Whelan in his notes mentions the following families:

Thos  Goff  (3)

Richard James  (4)

William Howell  (2)

Robert Rickaby  (5)

Widow Cook (5)

Anthony Fossio  (3)

William Armstrong  (4)

Thomas Masterson  (2)

Philip James  (5)

John  Stuwoes  (8)


Total Population:  273


“There is to be great care taken in the setting the town of Carnew and the lands adjoining to it, for it is to be observed as the manufactorys increase the lands will rise…It is my humble opinion that the best method for my Lord is to set the parks about the town from year to year, and as the manufactorys increase, to encourage the best sort of workmen on small holdings, and that hey become immediate tenants to my Lord, and it were wished for that all the inhabitants of Carnew were moved out of it, they being a parcel of lazy, sluggish people, and a new colony of industrious people settle in their places who understand the manufactory business”.