Carnew Rentals. Lady Day 1746.

N.L.I. Rockingham Papers. Ms. 6053

compiled by Kevin Lee of Carnew, Co. Wicklow


B 59  Widow Bookey and Ralph Stone

Part of Carnew lands leading to Ballyellis. 37.2.0

The other part of the Well park with garden and upper part of the oxclose  19.0.0

Fairs and custome

Rent: £17.1.1


60 Michael Braddell c.c.

House, garden and park near church. 15.2.10

More of the old holding, part of the warren. 4.3.0

A park behind the churchyard. 2.3.20

Rent: £


61 Valentine Brook

House, garden, park. 0.2.30

Rent: £0.4.7


62 John Clegg

Dwelling house, backyard and park. 14.0.0

More land on the left side of the road leading from Carnew. 41.3.22

More next Stones. 25.3.20

Rent: £0.15.0


63 Honr. Cawfrey now Richard Bell

A garden the house down. - - -


64 Owen Connor

House, garden, part of lower ox park. 6.3.20



65 Widow Cooke

House and garden. 1.-.-.

Bridge Park. 40.-.-.

Rent: £7.0.0


66 John Christian

House and garden. 0.1.30

Rent: £0.12.0


D67 John Doyle – the glover

House and garden

Rent: £1.0.0


H68 William Hope

House garden and part of the warren. 25.0.0

Land leading to Ballyellis. 32.1.0

Rent:  £7.16.0


69 John Hopkins

House and garden

Rent: £0.12.6


J70 Thomas James

A garden. 0.3.0

His dwelling house, outhouses and part of the Well park. 3.1.24

Part of the upper ox park adjoining Mr. Newton’s 16.-.-.

The new inn with outhouses garden and park. 10.-.-.

The Bigg park. 37.1.24

Rent: £15.15.10


71 William James

2 houses and garden

Rent: £0.19.0


L72 David Lynard

House and park. 1.0.0.

A moiety of the new park. 10.0.0

The high field corn mill and land thereto. 21.3.0

House and garden 3.1.0

One park late John Hopkins 2.0.0

Rent: £2.14.2


73 Edward Magher

A garden formerly Lawrences. 1.1.10

Lands leading to Ballyellis. 23.3.0

House and garden 2.2.3

Part of the lower ox close 15.2.10

Rent: £5.16.6


74 Darby Murphy

Part of lower oxgrove, house and garden



N75 Peter Newland

House, garden park. 1.-.-.



P76 William Porter

House, garden, park, shop and outhouses. 2.1.24

One half of the above new park. 10.0.0

Rent: £13.1.3


S77 Widow Stone

Part of the lower ox close 7.3.0

House and garden 10.1.24

Rent: £2.15.1


78 School lands

A potato garden. 2.0.4

Part of the new park to the left of Tomacork. 2.1.10

Rent: £4.6.1


79 William Wheatley

Part Carnew late in possession of widow Bookey 17.0.0

Rent: £2.16.10


80 Widow Wheatley

House and garden. 1.0.10

Part of upper oxpark. 3.3.0

A moiety of the upper oxpark with Blaney. 7.1.11

A moiety of house and garden with do. 0.1.20



81 John Blaney

A moiety of the upper oxpark with widow Wheatley 7.1.11

One half of the house and garden in co with do. 0.1.20



82 Joseph Williams

Part of the upper oxclose. 6.0.0