Peter Robinson's Settlers of 1823 & 1825

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The Robinson Emigration to Canada
(1823 & 1825)

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Why the Irish Came to Peterborough

In 1822, the British parliament voted in favor of financing a large, £30 000 experimental emigration plan to transport poor Irish families to Upper Canada.

Economic conditions in Ireland played a part in forming the plan. Ireland in the 1820s was in the midst of a severe depression. The value of Irish goods was low, potato crops were meager (though the Potato Famine was still decades away), and the country’s population was increasing dramatically.

Advertisement for the 1825 Emigration to Peterborough, Canada

Furthermore, parliament was also intent on increasing the number of settlers available to defend the border of British North America (Canada) from the United States. Men in these Irish families could help form the basis of a militia if border disputes flared up.

Religious factors also motivated Irish people to venture into the unknown and settle in the "New World". Irish penal laws severely restricted the ability of Irish Roman Catholics to practice their faith, own land, or even vote in elections.

Peter Robinson

The Peter Robinson Emigration

Peter Robinson (only known image of Robinson, left), the son of Loyalists and elder brother of Upper Canada’s powerful Attorney General, John Beverley Robinson, was asked to manage this emigration scheme in 1822. At the time he was a politician living in York (later renamed Toronto).

He sailed for Britain and began forming a workable emigration plan and recruitment program. He promoted the scheme in southern Ireland (see portion of broadside, above) and some 50,000 people applied to start new lives in a strange and distant land.

The First Wave of Settlers – Bathurst District

In 1823 the first wave of Irish settlers (568 people) began the long and dangerous journey to Upper Canada with their final destination in eastern Ontario (the Lanark, Perth, Ramsay township area).

Two sailing ships - the Hebe and Stakesby carried settlers in cramped and dank quarters - although nothing like the notorious “coffin ships” that carried thousands to North America during the potato famine of the 1840s.

The ships landed at Quebec City and the passengers first boarded steamships, then barges, and then wagons for the final leg of the journey. Settlers were given free provisions, tools and farmland.

The Second Wave – Peterborough

The second wave of emigration was launched in 1825. As in 1823, thousands applied for the voyage leaving from Cork. Prospective settlers had to secure letters of recommendation outlining their qualities and usefulness as settlers. Those selected received “embarkation certificates” allowing them to board a particular ship.

This time over 1800 people made a journey, and the final destination was Peterborough, in the Newcastle District (now south central Ontario). Nine ships carried the passengers on this trip. (See image below PCMA exhibit gallery depicting sleeping quarters aboard ship).

Replica ship berths

Before the second wave of settlers was to leave for Canada, Robinson traveled to the Peterborough area himself to explore conditions, establish a safe travel route and inspect land. Peterborough at this time was a remote and rugged place with a small population. The area was to be transformed by the sudden influx of 2000 men, women and children.

Again, the ships arrived at Quebec (June 1825). Settlers were loaded onto steamships for a trip down the St Lawrence River and Lake Ontario to Cobourg. After a rough land trip to Rice Lake, the settlers made the final leg of their journey to Peterborough by barge up the Otonabee River (a 24 mile river trip).

At Peterborough, families were issued free provisions, tools, livestock and farmland. Families with proud names like: Ryan, Sullivan, Casey, Fitzpatrick, McCarthy, Hannan, Leahy, O'Brien, Foley, and Shanahan settled throughout Peterborough county, and thousands of their descendents remain in the area even to this day.

Life was hard for these people. Several died in the years immediately following the emigration. Some families were given poor farm land and had to relocate. The unforgiving Canadian winters were, of course, a challenge too.

Although life was difficult, these new Canadians helped to build a great city – just as new Canadians from India, Eastern Europe, Italy and Asia have continued to do in more recent times.

The Original Robinson Records at City Archives in Peterborough

Peter Robinson Signature

Peter Robinson was a methodical record keeper. Fortunately, some 52 linear centimeters of his records (over 1650 pages) have survived and are part of the archival holdings at the Peterborough Centennial Museum and Archives. These original records cover both the 1823 (eastern Ontario) and 1825 (Peterborough) emigration plans. Included are: original ships lists, ship surgeon reports, Robinson's correspondence, embarkation certificates, applications and letters of recommendation for all 1825 settlers, account books listing all provisions supplied to the settlers, broadside posters advertising the emigration of 1825 and more.

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Families arriving on the ship John Barry
Family Name Township where settled
BARAGY, Patrick "not given"
BOLAND, Jeremiah Emily
CALLAGHAN, Timothy Asphodel
CASEY, Thomas Emily
CONDON, James Otanabee
DALY, John Died on land, 17 Feb. Smith
DUNHILL, Michael (or DERKIL) "not given"
FOLEY, William Gore of Emily
GILMAN, Edmond "not given"
GROVES, Thomas Emily
HENESSY, Thomas Emily
HOGAN, David Otanabee
HURLY, James Emily
Kelcher, John Drowned in Mud Lake 31 may/26
Gore of Emily
LANE, John Smith
LEARY, Timothy Asphodel
MAHONY, James Gore of Emily
MOLONY, Daniel Douro
Malony, Henry "not given"
McAULIFFE, Cornelius
(alias John LEARY)
MULCAHY, William Emily
NAGLE, David "not given"
O'BRIEN, Martin "not given"
OWENS, David Emily
REGAN, Jeremiah "not given"
RYAN, Patrick Emily
SHEA, Edward Emily
SHEA, Thomas Asphodel
SLATTERY, James Otanabee
SULLIVAN, Cornelius Gore of Emily
SULLIVAN, John Smith
SULLIVAN, Richard Emily
THORNHILL, Robert H. "not given"
TWOMEY, Patrick Gore of Emily
WALSH, John Smith
WALSH, Richard Asphodel
YOUNG, Francis Smith

Families arriving on the ship Resolution
Family Name Township where settled
ALLEN, Edmond Douro
JOHNSON, Bridget

(granddaughter of Edmond ALLEN)

ANDREWS, Richard "not given"
BARRETT, William Emily
BRIEN, Maurice Douro
BRIEN (BRYAN), Patrick Otanabee
CARROLL, Elizabeth (sister-in-law of Patrick BRIEN)
BYRNES (BURNS), George Douro
CASEY (CAREW), Thomas Emily
CLANCY, Patrick Emily
CLEARY, William Otanabee
CONDON, John "not given"
CONDON, Thomas Otanabee
COUCHE, Henry Douro (died at Depot 16 Aug)
CRANLY, John Douro
DRISCOLL, Florence Otanabee
FLEMING, John (listed with Edmond Allen)
HOGAN, William Douro
KEARNY, Patrick Otanabee
LANE, John "not given"
MAGNER, David Otanabee
MAHONY, William "not given"
McCARTHY, James Douro
McCRAITH (McGRATH), John Otanabee
McCRAITH (McGRATH), Thomas Died in Otanabee 10 July/26
NEVILLE, Catherine (sister of Thomas McGRATH)
McKOY, John Otanabee
O'BRIEN, Denis Douro
O'BRIEN (BRYAN), Michael Douro
O'DOGHERTY, John 'not given"
O'DONNEL, Patrick "not given"
PURCELL, Nancy Asphodel
QUINLAN, John "not given"
TORPY, William Died in Douro 30 Aug.
WALL, William "not given"
WALSH, Bryan "not given"
WALSH (WELSH), Robin Douro
WILLIAMS, William Douro

Settlers arriving on the ship Albion
Family Name Township where settled
BARRY, James Asphodel
BRIEN, John Asphodel (moved to Emily)
BURGESS, Daniel Died in Smith 11 Sept./26
CLANCY, John Otanabee
COLLINS, John Emily
CONNOR, Daniel "not given"
CONNOR, Jeremiah "not given"
DALY, James Died Asphodel
HEALY, Patrick Asphodel
KEEFE, James Otanabee
KEEFE, Mary Wife to Pat Keefe
KERNY, Michael "not given"
LINGANE(LANGANE), Bartholomew Gore of Emily
LINGUANE, Edmond (brother of Bartholomew Lingane)
LOWES, George "not given"
LOWES, Michael Emily
LYNAN, Patrick "not given"
LYNCH, Patrick Gore of Emily
McDONALD, William Smith
NAGLE, David "not given"
REGAN, John Emily
REILY (RYLY), William Asphodel
RYAN, William Otanabee
SHEA, Daniel "not given"
SHEEHAN, Daniel "not given"
SHEEHAN, John Douro
SHENECK, James Emily
STACK (STARK), Thomas "not given"
SULLIVAN, Michael Asphodel
SWEENEY, Michael
(alias Michael Sullivan)
SWEENEY, Timothy Douro

Families arriving on the ship Brunswick
Family Name Township where settled
BOLSTER, John Smith
BOLSTER, Joseph Gore of Emily
BOOT (BOATE), James Emily
BUCKLEY, John "not given"
CLEARY, William "not given"
COLLINS, Patrick "not given"
CONDON, David "not given"
CONDON, John "not given"
CONNELL, Callaghan Emily
CONNER, Timothy "not given"
CRONIN, Jeremiah "not given"
DONOGHUE, Arthur "not given"
DRISCOLL, Cornelius Died in Emily
DRISCOLL, Denis Gore of Emily
DRISCOLL, Michael Gore of Emily
EGAN, Thomas Otanabee
FITZPATRICK, John Asphodel
FLYN, Cornelius Douro
FLYN, William Died in Emily 12 Sept./26
FOWKE, Robert "not given"
GRADY, John Died in Asphodel 24 Sept./26
HORNEY, William "not given"
HOWERAN, Cornelius Gore of Emily
HURLY, Patrick "not given"
KEILY, Owen Emily
LEAHY, Michael Asphodel
LEWIS, Patrick "not given"
LINE (LYNE), Cornelius Emily
MAGRATH, John Emily
MASON, Ellen "not given"
MEANY (MEARNY), William Otanabee
McCARTHY, Charles Asphodel
McCARTHY, John Emily
McGUIRE, James "not given"
MILES, Thomas Asphodel
MURPHY, Jeremiah Emily
MURPHY, William Asphodel
NELEGAN, Thomas "not given"
NUNAN, Charles "not given"
O'BRIEN, John Died in Asphodel 24 Sept./26
POWER, Richard Otanabee
RAHILLY (RAHALLY), Thomas Otanabee
REARDON, John "not given"
ROCHFORT, James Emily
SCANLON, William Asphodel
SHEEHAN, Joseph Gore of Emily
SHINE, Daniel Smith
ST. LEGER, Margaret Wife of Thomas
SULLIVAN, John Gore of Emily
SULLIVAN, John "not given"
SULLIVAN, William Emily
WALSH, Widow Douro
WYNE (WYNNE), Richard Emily

Families arriving on the ship Star
Family Name Township where settled
AHERN, Jeremiah Died in Emily
BRISLANE, John Emily
CARROLL, John Emily
CLOHANE, John "not given"
CONNOR, Timothy "not given"
CROWLY, Charles Douro
CURTIN, John Gore of Emily
DIVINE, William Brother of John Curtin's wife Margaret
CURTIN, Timothy "not given"
DALY, Owen Smith
DILLON, Edmond Otanabee
DIMOND, William "not given"
FINNEGAN, Daniel Emily
FITZGERALD, Thomas Smith
FITZGERALD, William Emily
FOLEY, Daniel Gore of Emily
GEARY, John Emily
HALY(HEALY), Daniel Asphodel
HICKY, Johanna Gore of Emily
FLAHERTY, James "not given"
HURLY, Denis Asphodel
LINEHAN, Denis Died in Ennismore June 30/26
McMAHON, Denis Asphodel
MILLER, George Emily
MORRISSY, John Died in Emily Sept. 2/26
MULLANE, Michael Asphodel
RUSSELL, William Emily
SHEA, Patrick Emily
SHEEHAN, Daniel Douro
SHEEHAN, Denis Asphodel
SWYTZER, Tobias Emily

Families arriving on the ship Regulus
Family Name Township where settled
CALLAGHAN, Jeremiah Emily
COLLINS, John Gore of Emily
CONNELL, John Emily
COTTER, William Emily
CUNNINGHAM, James "not given"
FALVEY, John "not given"
GARDNER, Henry Smith
McCARTHY, Bridget "not given"
GIBBON, Maurice "not given"
HANDLOW (HANDLAN), James Otanabee
HEFFERNAN, Patrick Otanabee
KEANE, Timothy Gore of Emily
KEEFE, Denis Asphodel
KENNEDY, John "not given"
LONG, David Otanabee
POPE, James W. Gore of Emily
QUINLAN, Patrick Asphodel
SHANNAHAN, Patrick Gore of Emily
SHEEHAN, John Died in Emily 10 Sept./26
SHEEHAN, Timothy "not given"
SULLIVAN, Darby "not given"
SULLIVAN, John Emily
TOBIN, John Douro

Families arriving on the ship Amity
Family Name Township where settled
BUCKLY, Michael Emily
BIGBY (BEGLY), Moses Emily
CALLAGHAN, Thomas "not given"
CONRY, David Douro
COSTELLOE, Michael Died in Ennismore Oct/26
CROWLY, Patrick Otanabee
FITZGERALD, William Gore of Emily
GALVIN, John Otanabee (left the settlement)
GORDON, John Died
HALLAHAN, Thomas Otanabee
INGLISH (ENGLISH), Richard Asphodel
KEARNEY, Denis Otanabee
KENNELLY, John Otanabee
DRISCOLL, Jeremiah Otanabee
LEARY, John Otanabee
McCARTHY, Owen Gore of Emily
MURRAY, Thomas Otanabee
OAKLEY, William "not given"
SCULLY, Daniel "not given"
SHANAGHAN, Denis Gore of Emily
SULLIVAN, Patrick "not given"
STACK, John Gore of Emily
SULLIVAN, Bartholomew Gore of Emily

Families arriving on the ship Elizabeth
Family Name Township where settled
BOURKE, Simon Emily
BUCK, George "not given"
BUCKLY, Timothy "not given"
CAHIL, Thomas Gore of Emily
CARTHY, Jerry (McCARTHY, Jeremiah) Smith
CONNELL, Daniel Smith
CONNELL, Daniel Emily
CONNELL, William "not given"
CROWLEY, Cornelius Smith
DONOGHUE, Daniel Gore of Emily
DOWNY (DOWNIE), Bartholomew Emily
DOWNAN, Robert "not given"
DWYER, Jeremiah Emily
EGAN, Daniel Asphodel
EGAN, Patrick Asphodel
FINN, John Emily
FLINN (FLYNN), Michael Emily
GALEAVAN, Garratt Gore of Emily
GUINEA, Darby Emily
HAMILTON, James "not given"
HANNON, William Smith
HOGAN, John Emily
HOULAHAN, Denis Emily
LEE, James "not given"
LYNE, Catherine Emily
(alias Bartholomew Kenely)
McCARTHY, Timothy "not given"
MURPHY, Patrick Gore of Emily
NAGLE, John Emily
ORMSBY, Andrew Emily
PIGOT, William "not given"
QUINLAN, Patrick Asphodel
TRIHY, Patrick Douro

Families arriving on the ship Fortitude
Family Name Township where settled
BRYAN, David "not given"
BURKE (BOURKE), Edmond Smith
CAREY, John Emily
CAREW, Michael Gore of Emily
CASEY, James Douro
COTTER, James Douro
DAWSON, Mary Died in Emily 29 Oct./26
DOODY, John "not given"
DORAN, Martin Emily
DORGAN, Timothy Emily
ELIGOTT, Michael Douro
ELLIS, John Gore of Emily
FITZGERALD, John "not given"
FLAHERTY, James Emily
GOULD, James "not given"
HAGARTY, William "not given"
HARTNETT, John Emily
KEANE (KANE), Michael Douro
KENT. Lawrence Otanabee
LEAHY, Michael Douro
LEAHY, Patrick Douro
LONERGAN, Micael Otanabee
MASON, George Asphodel
McAULIFF, Martin Emily
McCARTHY, Denis Douro
McCARTHY, Thomas Emily
MEADE, Richard Douro
MOLONY, John Gore of Emily
MULLOWNY (Molony), John Douro
MURPHY, Edmond Died Gore of Emily
O'HALLORAN, William Emily
QUIN, John Douro
ROCHE (ROACHE), Michael Otanabee
SARGENT, John Otanabee
SARGENT, John Jr. "not given"
RUSSELL, Ellen "not given"
SHEEHAN, John Emily
SLATTERY, James Otanabee
SLINEY, John Died on land Emily
TOBIN, John Douro
WELSH (WALSH), Patrick Emily
WHITE, Joan "not given"

Listed in the Location Book but not on the Ship's List:
Family Name Township where settled Ship
BARRY, John Douro Fortitude
BOURKE, Patrick Smith Elizabeth
BRIEN, John Asphodel Brunswick
FITZGERALD, Maurice Emily Brunswick
HARGRON, James Emily Brunswick
LYNES, Patrick Emily Elizabeth
STACK (STARK), James Gore of Emily Amity
TWOMY, John Gore of Emily Amity