Anton Sadil and Edith Toman with Eleanor

                                                                     1891-1960                          1895-1973                 1922- present

                                          Edith and Anton Sadil                    Edith and Anton                                   Anton Sadil

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Anton & Theresa Toman,  Edith Toman Sadil and Marie Toman Janda

John Toman on chair, Anton Sadil and Gladys Toman, on floor

underlined names are all brothers and sisters    June 1955


Uncle Anton during WW1


Aunt Edith Toman Sadil                                     daughter Eleanor Sadil



Sadil's wedding day, 08 Jul 1918


                                                                                Anton                                         Eleanor

                                                                     Eleanor, Veronica Janda Kenny and Cele Janda Dutch             unt Edith and El, in front of the Kennys

El at work