Kilcavan Church

               This 1842 official survey map shows the exact location of the ancient church of Kilcavan, located on the lower left side.






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Church Meadow

This privately owned site is known as " Church Meadow " located in Kilcavan, County Wicklow, just north of the town of Carnew.       It is an open field where it is believed that an ancient church once stood.  In the survey maps of 1842, there is an outline of a domed shape structure that would have been located just on the right side of this back-drop picture.  Very little is know regarding the Kilcavan Church.  (More information on the church can be found on the Kilcavan link, above.)



The granite stones, which are not indigenes to this area of County Wicklow , are scattered about and believed to be markers for the graves that would have been in the church yard.  Granted, many of these stones have been re-positioned throughout the years, but many look to be in their original location and state.   



There are a couple books that have stated that there was an old hand hewn stone cross that was built into one of the stone and brush hedges (ditch), adjacent to Church Meadow.  I asked the owner of the land if it was there and he remembered it from his childhood, and together with him, we were able to find this cross built into the south ditch, at this site, which would be just behind me as I am taking this picture.