Bartholomew Kenny


Bartholomew Kenny  ( The one member of this family I was unable to fully trace thus far)


Bartholomew was the eldest brother to the Kennys in Sturgeon Bay,  in fact, lived there himself for at least a year or two.  He showed up in the Sturgeon Bay 1870 census as Bartholomew Kinney.  His property fell victim to the Great Fire of 1871, in Peshtigo area of Wisconsin, in which he and brother Richard Kenny, lost all their property, land and farm tools.  (note: At the bottom of the page with the fire of 1871, the spellings were Kinney).  I thought I found him in Carroll County IA, with the help of a researcher and friend in Sturgeon Bay, named Christine Surfus.  We discovered a Bartholomew Kinney in Warren Township near Manning , IA, which is in Carroll County, immediately south of Arcadia, where brother Richard lived,  about 7 miles away.  This Kinney family occupied a farm dwelling there for many years, even longer than Richard lived in the Arcadia area. But I have my doubts if this is the right one though, mainly from the Irish naming pattern, but other reasons also make me believe that he is not the right one.  

Then, we found a Bartholomew in Oro township, Simcoe County, Ontario.  I would like to think this is our Bartholomew, because this Batt lived near many other people that once lived in Smith Falls, but evidence is showing that the Batt in Oro, father was not a Thomas.  It's as if we are back to the drawing board.

In 2004, when I met the Kennys in Kennystown, Batt Kenny told me that the name Batt or Bartholomew, has been the common link to the Kennys, throughout all the generations in Kennystown.  Almost EVERY generation had a Batt in the family.  This is why I am so fixated upon this missing Batt.  He has been someone that was found on the 1851 Fitzwilliam files, 1851 Kitley, Ontario census, the 1861S. Elmsley  census, and the  1870Nasewaupee, Door County, WI census.  After the fire there, I have not confirmed his location.  I know he did not die in the fire though.

Below, please find the notes that I have kept on Bartholomew Kenny/Kenney/Kinney.  I have kept extensive notes, in case, someday, I would get lucky and put it all together:


I had no information on Bartholomew, until Chris Surfus found him on a 1870 Census in Sturgeon Bay, WI, under the household of his brother Richard as head of household. Also on this census under Richard were Richards children Thomas and Mary, Richards brothers Bartholomew, and James and Edward. It wasn't determined if the spelling on this census was Kinney or Kenney.
Phillip Gillick was also stated here. I can assume Anna Kenny was too because they were married before 1870. They were all listed as farmers.

According to the Index to Declaration of Intention for Door County, Wisconsin, his Date of "Intent" was filed on Nov. 19, 1866. (Information from Mike Gallagher)

Chris Surfus also found a naturalization index listing for a Bartholomy Kinney in 1886 for Scott Co. Iowa. This is the Davenport, IA area, just below Clinton Co.

 They were in Door County together in 1870, right before the devastation of the Great fire of 1871. Both Richard and Bartholomew lost all their property, house and contents in that fire, according to the Door Co. Advocate.

The following was provided by Mike Gallahger of Door County;
" I find a Mortgage Vol A-p.186, Bartholomew Kinney of Door Co. to Charles L. Chase, for $45.00, on NE4SW4and NW4SW4 of 34-27-25, date 12 FEB 1868....this mortgage was paid off on 13 Sep 1869....another Mortgage Vol A-p.187, Bartholomew Kenny to Patrick Curry, for $64.00- N2SW4 of 34-27-25, paid off on 1 June 1878 {'I have to recheck this date, to make sure that it is 1878{?}'....then on 29 March 1870, Bartholomew Kinney sells to Edward Kinney for $120.00 N2SW4, same 80 acres...signed [Bartholomew Kenney] this deed is Vol. W,p. 189"

Bartholomew's brother Richard, moved to Carroll County IA, where the Lovelys had already been established. Richard moved in with them. It is uncertain where Bartholomew went, but I did find the following information in the 1880 Census of Carroll County. There was our Richard Kenny with his family living within the same enumeration and district as a Bartholmew Kinny. All spelling are how they were listed in the record books.

Let me go on record stating that at this time, I do not think the following info is our Bartholomew, even though there was one listed with spelling Kinney, a few miles from Richard's farm in Carroll, IA.
Listed here in 1880 were:
Bartholmew Kinny M 48 Ireland
Mary F 35 Illinois
Katherine F 14 Illinois
Leonard M 12 Illinois
Cecelia F 10 Illinois
John M 7 Illinois
Mary M 5 Illinois
Patrick M 4 Illinois
Agnes F 1 Iowa

Chris Surfus found them in the Warren TWP in Carroll Co., IA on page 20 in the 1880 census index. I had confirmed all this information while visiting Carroll County, IA, except for the places of Birth.

A lady named Carma, from the Carroll County Genealogical Society, in Glidden, IA, located these records from the 1895 Census;
1895 Iowa Census- Manning Inc.
family 129--
BARNEY KINNEY, age 62, born in Ireland, a retired farmer, entitled to vote, and can read & write.
Mary B. 49 b. Ireland
Benjamin 26, b. Illinois, farmer
Mary 20, b. Illinois, teacher
Agnes 15, b. Carroll Co. IA

Christine Surfus also reported that she found the following in Illionos:
"More about Bartholomew: I found him in Illinois in 1870. Lee Co. Town of Dixon, Ward 1
Bartholomew Kenney-43, Ireland

Barnard-60, Ire
Secilia-55, Ire"

I see that the spelling here is Kenney.

Later, while researching in Carroll, IA, I saw a few other entries about a son, Berard, who I believe is the Leonard listed in the 1880 census.
One of these listing was a marriage of Bernard Kinney, age 28, on May 26th, 1896, marrying to a Mary Ann McGrave.  Bartholmew Kinney was listed as his father.

Chris Surfus also reported on her findings on the 1900 Census for the Warren TWP in Carroll Co., IA.
It showed:
Bernard Kinney 1867 born in Illinois
Wife, Mary
son- James
Son- Marvin?
Maggie age 18, born in 1881, in Iowa as a servant (birth of both parents, Ireland)
Mary Kinney, widow, age 54 born August 1845, 9 children- 5 living
Mary, born Ill. 25 ,b.Jul 1874
Agnes, born Iowa .Mar 1879

In some of the Marriage files;
Mary Kenny 2-19-1908
Ben Kinney 5-26-1896 Book 6 Page 38
Mary Kinney 11-28-1900 Book 5 page 6

Bartholomew, must have died between 1895 and 1900. (Notice, Bartholomew listed as Barney Kinney in the 1895 Census and Mary Kinney listed as widow in the 1900 census.)

In summery, If this is our Bartholomew, I think the above notes indicate that this Bartholomew Kinney,  may have moved from Sturgeon Bay, to Dixon, Lee County, Illinois, where he met and married Mary, and had a few children, then moved to Carroll County, IA and had several more children.  I also feel that this Bartholomew died in Carroll County and his progeny remained there for several years.  It is my belief that this Bartholomew Kinney is indeed, a brother to Richard, but until I can substantiate it, I have not yet entered the information to the Family Tree.


Below, are other Kenney/Kinneys listed in the Carroll County area in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  There is no indication that they are related in any way, but very well could be.  It is for this reason, these notes are kept:
1910 Carroll Co Iowa, Warren twp. Census also listed the following Kinneys;
Willie, George, Mary, and Ella.

Also there were the Birth of several children throughout a span of several years, with no mention who the parents were.
All Kinney
Bernice H 6-20-1901
George 12-07-1902
Jeffery James 6-5-1965
Linda Lee 4-21-1945
Marlene Barbara 11-13-1937
Mary Katherine 11-14-1905
Opal A. 1-31-1904
Sandra Sue 12-5-1944
William 00-00-1901

Also in a other Birth listings, in Carroll County;
William Kinney 1901 Manning Twp. father Ben Kinney
Bernice Kinney 6-20-01 Carroll Twp. Father Fred H. Kinney, mother Maddy Florence Wilcox
George Lev Kinney 12-07-02 Manning Twp mother Mary Ann McGrane father Ben Kinney
Opal A. Kinney 1-21-1904 mother Grace Neise father Ralf N. Kinney
Elsie H. Kinney 9-7-1908 Manning Twp mother Mary Ann McGrane father Bernard Kinney
Ellen C. Kinney 9-7-1908 Manning Twp mother Mary Ann McGrane father Bernard Kinney

Eugene James Kenney 9-1-1932
Helen Carolyn Kenny 4-30-1947
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
In some of the Marriage files;

Florence Kinney 8-30-1928 Book 4 page 280
Jesse J. Kinney 6-1-1941 Book 14 page 60
John Kinney 10-21-1909 Book 6 Page 188
Kate Kinney 4-19-1893 Book 4 Page 33
------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------
There was some files on Deaths in Carroll County also;
Catherine Kinny 8-27-1885
Elsie N. Kinny 8-26-1909
Female Kinny 3-27-1910

Clifford William Kinney 5-9-1962
Lillis Marie Kinney 12-7-1967

Catherine Kinny, age 1year, 5 months 8 days, American, died of blood poisoning, in Carroll, Iowa. Once she was diagnosed, she lived 3 weeks, 3 days. Buried 8-29-1885.

Buried in the Sacred Heart Cemetery, in Manning , Carroll County, IA are the following;
Anna M. Kinney 4-10-1885 3years 18 days south side of stone
Patrick Kinney 8-29-1889 9 years 3 moths 13 days north side of stone
Celia Kinney 8-30-1889 19 years 3 month 27 days west side of stone.

Elsie Kinney 9-7-1908 to 8-26-1909
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------
Chris Surfus wrote on Mar. 15, 2002: " Not sure if you eliminated this one or not but the Bart Kinney who was listed in Scott Co. Naturalization Records-I believe I found him in Davenport, 1900 Census. Bart, b.Oct 1853,Ireland, age 46. Listed with wife Sarah, 37, children-Mary, Nellie, Sadie, and Grace. Also, Bartholomew listed in Manning, Iowa, according to a WFT(#536) is listed as being born in Maeo, Ireland."

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------

This tells me that the Kinney family was in this area of Carroll county, IA for several years.

Chris Surfus and Ann Burgess directed me to a group of Kennys that lived in Oro Township, Ontario.  I have not ruled this Bartholomew out, even though his birth year is off by 8-9 years.  One thing I found interesting, according to Anne Burgess, many of the Balfes from Smith Falls, ended up in Oro Twp.  There were a list of Kennys up there about the same time, including a next door neighbor to this Bartholomew, Patrick Kenny.  The interesting thing about this Batt is the names of his children.  They are all family names, commonly used, for generations. 

Household:  From the 1881 Census, Oro Township, Ontario Canada

 Name  Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
 Barth KENNY   M   Male   Irish   50   Ireland   Lab   Catholic 
 Mary KENNY   M   Female   Irish   41   Ireland      Catholic 
 John KENNY      Male   Irish   20   O <Ontario>   Lab   Catholic 
 Richard KENNY      Male   Irish   16   O <Ontario>   Lab   Catholic 
 Margaret J. KENNY      Female   Irish   4   O <Ontario>      Catholic 
 Philip KENNY      Male   Irish   2   O <Ontario>      Catholic 

Source Information:
  Census Place Oro, Simcoe North, Ontario
  Family History Library Film   1375887
  NA Film Number   C-13251
  District   139
  Sub-district   M
  Division   1
  Page Number   73
  Household Number   315


.Barth Kenny stuff

.Bartholomew Kenny was drowned in 1830, while crossing the river to Tiffin  458 - HISTORY OF SENECA COUNTY



1860  STATE:  Minnesota  COUNTY:  Houston  DIVISION:  Sheldon  REEL NO:  M653-571  PAGE NO:  94

REFERENCE:  Post Office Caledonia





22  670  684 Kenny          Bartholemew    30   M         Farmer         200       100       Ireland
 23  670  684 Kenny          Ellen          23   F         House Keeper                       Ireland
 24  671  685 Kenny          Patrick        31   M         Farmer         200       75        Ireland                       X


MARRIAGES: 1826-1836


KENNY, Bartholomew, October 22, 1829, to Mary McBride; witnesses - --- and Mary Sweeny.

KENNY, Ellen, see HENNESSY, Philip

KENNY, Patrick, March 30, 1826, to Juliana McBrine; witnesses Hugh Sweeny and Anna McCormick.
, Anne, 1864, Kenny, Anne, 1873, Kenny, Anne, 1873, Kenny, Bartholomew, 1873, Kenny, Bartly, 1864, Kenny, Bernard, 1864, Kenny, Bernard, 1873, Kenny, Bridget,

San Francisco Call Newspaper
Vital Records for the Years 1869-1891

Kenney, Bartholomew ... died in 1873 ... age 45 ... 1873D-1976


P. JOSEPH LAFONTAINE, farmer, P. O. New Riegel, was born in Belgium on September 5, 1825, son of Nicholas
and Mary Lafontaine, natives of Belgium, where they married and remained until 1841, when they immigrated to
America, coming direct to Seneca County, Ohio, residing in Big Spring Township until their death. Our subject was
united in marriage, in 1848, with Elizabeth Wagner, born in Luxemburg, Germany, in 1822, daughter of Michael
and Anna Wagner, the former now ninety-four years of age, the latter deceased. Our subject and wife are the
parents of six children: Nicholas, married to Theresa Repp; Mary, wife of John Loescer; Lizzie; Susan, wife of
Bartholomew Kenney; Lena, wife of Peter Mose, and Rose. Mr. Lafontaine owns 200 acres of first-class land. He
settled on his present farm in 1849. He and his family are members of the Catholic Church. 

1870 Federal Census Door County, Wisconsin (File 10 of 15: Nasewaupee
45A 24  35  35  Kinney      Richard       25   M   W    Farmer                  1000 100  Ireland          1        1        .      .      .    1
45A 25  35  35  Kinney      Eliza         24   F   W    Keeping House           .    .    Canada           1        1        .      .      .    1
45A 26  35  35  Kinney      Thomas        5    M   W    At Home                 .    .    Canada           1        1        .      .      .    .
45A 27  35  35  Kinney      Mary          3    F   W    At Home                 .    .    Canada           1        1        .      .      .    .
45A 28  35  35  Kinney      William       1    M   W    At Home                 .    .    Wisconsin        1        1        .      .      .    .
45A 29  35  35  Kinney      Bartholomew   29   M   W    Farmer                  600  .    Ireland          1        1        .      .      .    1
45A 30  35  35  Kinney      Edward        22   M   W    Farmer                  300  .    Ireland          1        1        .      .      .    1
45A 31  35  35  Gilic       Philip        30   M   W    Farmer                  800  .    Ireland          1        1        .      .      .    1
45A 32  35  35  Kinney      James         27   M   W    Farmer                  500  .    Ireland          1        1        .      .      .    1
45A 33  36  36  Mulvehill   John          39   M   W    Farmer                  1500 310  Ireland          1        1        .      .      .    1
45A 34  36  36  Mulvehill   Bridget       32   F   W    Keeping House           .    .    Ireland          1        1        .      .      .    1
45A 35  36  36  Mulvehill   Catherine     15   F   W    At Home                 .    .    Pennsylvania     1        1        .      .      1    1
45A 36  36  36  Mulvehill   Mary Ann      13   F   W    At Home                 .    .    Wisconsin        1        1        .      .      1    1
45A 37  36  36  Mulvehill   Michael       11   M   W    At Home                 .    .    Wisconsin        1        1        .      .      1    1
45A 38  36  36  Mulvehill   John          9    M   W    At Home                 .    .    Wisconsin        1        1        .      .      1    .
45A 39  36  36  Mulvehill   William P     7    M   W    At Home                 .    .    Wisconsin        1        1        .      .      1    .
45A 40  36  36  Mulvehill   Bridget A     5    F   W    At Home                 .    .    Wisconsin        1        1        .      .      .    .

CENSUS YEAR: 1870    STATE: Wisconsin    COUNTY: Door    TOWNSHIP: Nasewaupee    Post-Office: Sturgeon Bay    REEL NO: M593-1712    ENUMERATOR: Joseph Harris Jr.
                                                                                REAL PERS                  FATHER   MOTHER   MONTH  MONTH  ATT  CANNOT
        (1) (2) (3)         (3)           (4)  (5) (6)  (7)                     (8)  (9)  (10)             (11)     (12)     (13)   (14)   (15) (16)
45B 1   36  36  Mulvehill   James         3    M   W    At Home                 .    .    Wisconsin        1        1        .      .      .    .
45B 2   36  36  Mulvehill   Joseph        2    M   W    At Home                 .    .    Wisconsin        1        1        .      .      .    .
45B 3   36  36  Mulvehill   Aileen        7/12 F   W    At Home                 .    .    Wisconsin        1        1        Oct    .      .    .
45B 4   37  37  Mulvehill   William       29   M   W    Farmer                  1000 .    Ireland          1        1        .      .      .    1


1870 Federal Census Door County, Wisconsin (Index: File 2 of 4)

Last Name      First Name     Age    Birthpl           File Name     Pg# Ln# Township
Kinney         Anna           20     Ireland           pg0054a.txt   57B 21  Sturgeon Bay
Kinney         Bartholomew    29     Ireland           pg0043a.txt   45A 29  Nasewaupee
Kinney         Edward         22     Ireland           pg0043a.txt   45A 30  Nasewaupee
Kinney         Eliza          24     Canada            pg0043a.txt   45A 25  Nasewaupee
Kinney         James          27     Ireland           pg0043a.txt   45A 32  Nasewaupee
Kinney         Mary           3      Canada            pg0043a.txt   45A 27  Nasewaupee
Kinney         Mary           16     Canada            pg0054a.txt   58A 15  Sturgeon Bay
Kinney         Mary A         18     Ireland           pg0054a.txt   58A 14  Sturgeon Bay
Kinney         Richard        25     Ireland           pg0043a.txt   45A 24  Nasewaupee
Kinney         Thomas         5      Canada            pg0043a.txt   45A 26  Nasewaupee
Kinney         William        1      Wisconsin         pg0043a.txt   45A 28  Nasewaupee



This is the 1860 Federal Census for Alameda County, California 


13  600  597 Kinney         Bartholomew    30   M         Gardener      


KENNY, Bartholomew      Age:    21 years        Marriage
         Wife:   Mary BRUSLIN
         Marriage Date:  29 Aug 1853     Recorded in:    Saint Patricks
Pro-Cathedral-Catholic Church, Newark, Essex, New Jersey
         Husband's Father:       Michael
         Husband's Mother:       Ann
         Wife's Father:  Peter
         Wife's Mother:  Anne
Source: FHL Number 1398552      Dates:  1851-1861
KENNY, Bartholemew      Age:    40 years        Marriage
         Wife:   Margaret FALLON Age:    30 years
         Marriage Date:  27 Nov 1867     Recorded in:    Saint Patricks
Pro-Cathedral-Catholic Church, Newark, Essex, New Jersey
         Husband's Father:       Dominick
         Husband's Mother:       Mary GILBRIDE
         Wife's Father:  William
         Wife's Mother:  Mary LANGON
Source: FHL Number 1398552      Dates:  1861-1871