Kennystown in a small townland in the southeastern part of County Wicklow, Ireland, bordering with County Wexford.  It is located just a few miles northeast of the town of Carnew.  It isn't on the general maps, but Kennystown is a beautiful rural area which consists of a dirt one lane road, a few houses and some grazing and farm land.  The land was originally part of the townland Kilcavan.  This area may have been referred to as Kennystown for many years prior, but it was first written in the books as Kennystown in the 1808 Land Leases from the Fitzwilliam records.  James Kenny and his sons, Richard, Bartholomew and Philip got their lease in 1808, settled and farmed these lands, and their descendants  are still occupying the farms today.

Kilcavan/Kennystown Family Farms 1808-1868



See map of Motabower and Kennystown to see exactly where these townlands are in Wexford and Wicklow.

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                        Here are baptism records of Kennys and other families that LIVED in Kennystown in the 1800's and early 1900's

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Tomacork Church

Ancient Kilcavan Church

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Some  history and facts about Kennystown, prepared by one of the Kennys living there;

Number of  houses in Kennystown

  1841    1851     1861       1871      1881      1891    2004   

    12      5       4          3         3         3       4


1841    1851       1861        1871        1881        1891       2004

60      26        22          14           21          21          6