Picture Page of County Wexford and Wicklow

Ballyellis Monument Kilcavan Slate Quarry
Kennystown Farmer Old cooking pot from Kennystown
Ruin at Ballyellis Old farm equipment
Farm in Motabower where Thomas Kenny lived Overlooking Kennystown
Motabower/Kennystown road Overlooking Kennystown2
Motabower School House Kenny ruins in Kilcavan1
First house in Parkmore Kenny ruins in Kilcavan2
Motabower Kenny ruins in Kilcavan3
Kennystown overlooking Augnamaulmeen Kenny ruins in Kilcavan4
Lord Fitzwilliam Manor, Coolattin, Wicklow1 Monaseed, County Wexford
Lord Fitzwilliam Manor, Coolattin, Wicklow2 Near Wicklow Town
Ruin in Parkmore, County Wicklow Derry River near Shillelagh
Antique Farm equipment in Kennystown  
Church Meadow, Kilcavan, County Wicklow  

Picture is of the Ballyellis monument, on the Carnew/Gorey road, just inside County Wexford