My Parents and Grandparents Page 

Here are links to pages of various grandparents and parents of mine.  I will divide them into Irish and Czech.  Each will have a story and some background or not


                Me                                               Joseph A. Kenny

                Parent                                        Dan L. Kenny       

Grandparent                                         Lee R. Kenny

Grandparents                                       G. Clare Connor 

2nd Grandparent                                   James Hoey Connor

2nd Grandparent                                   Katherine A. May Connor

2nd Grandparent                                   Thomas F. Kenny

2nd Grandparent                                   Mary Gilmore Kenny

3rd Grandparent                                   Richard P. Kenny

3rd Grandparent                                    Eliza Lovely Kenny

4th Great Grandparent                          Thomas & Ellen Kenny

4th Great Grandparent                          Edward Lovely

5th Great Grandparents                Bartholomew and Anne (Breen) Kenny

6th Grandparent                                               James Kenny and


Me                                                  Joseph A. Kenny

Parent                                            Veronica Janda Kenny

Grandparent                                            Charles Janda

Grandparent                                            Marie Toman

2nd Grandparent                                     Cyrill & Pauline Janda

2nd Grandparent                            Anton & Marie (Chyba) Toman

3rd Grandparent                         Thomas Janda and Marianna Sedlacek

3rd Grandparent                              John and Antonia Toman

4th Grandparent                                   Tomas Janda and Elenora Prokes

4th Grandparent                                       Jan Toman and Josepha Zabrza

5th Grandparent                        Jakub (James) Toman and Josepha Vaverka

6h Grandparent                              Joannes (John) Toman and Zofie (Sophie) Sejkora

7th Grandparent                                                       Tomasch Toman and ?