Tomacork Church from 1794 - present

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For over 200 years, the Kennys, Balfes and many other families related, came here to worship.

For various reasons, mainly resulting from the'98 rebellion, church record and information are not available from the church's early years, prior to 1830, though some records before this date do exist.  

Here are some various records of Kennys in the Tomacork Parish

Here are some various records of Tobin's in the Tomacork Parish

Here are more records from the Tomacork Parish regarding the Kenny name

The church is located 1.5 miles from Carnew. In its original form, it was a rectangular building with a thatched roof. The Tomacork Church is the second oldest church in the Diocese of Ferns and believed to be the only church not burned by the Yeomen in the '98 Rebellion for a couple of reason; it was partially built by Lord Fitzwilliam and the Yeomen used the church to stable their horses in 1798. It was expanded in 1820, re-faced in 1954, and remodeled in 1991.

In 1928, a large chunk of ceiling had fallen onto the Sanctuary, but no-one was hurt. The church committee had iron girders installed to reinforce the roof.

The cross over the Vestry doors has one arm missing, because it was used by the Yeomen as target practice.   The marble alter was purchased in 1929 for 350 PS and is still in use today.  The Sanctuary lamp was donated by Lady Alice Fitzwilliam.  

In the 1830's the Earl Fitzwilliam, donated several hundred Pounds Sterling, when they were struggling with various expenses.  He also donated the bell that is still in place today.  This was un-heard of, for a Protestant, to be so generous for the benefit of a Catholic Church. See more on                Lord Fitzwilliam. 

Information from the booklet, Tomacork Church 1794-1994

























More pictures of some of the graves markers

Ancient Kilcavan Church


Pictures of Tomacork Church

  B&W and aerial view was taken from the booklet mentioned above. 

The B&W alter picture is from 1925.

Parish priests were as follows:

        Name of Priest                   Date appointed - died/retired

             Rev. Michael Murphy              1811-1847               

Rev. James Murphy                1847-1872

Rev. Loughlin Druhan             1872-1879

Rev. Walter Sinnott              1879-1911

Rev. James Prandy                1911-1948

Rev. John Kelly                  1948-1968

Rev. John Doran                  1968-1977

Rev. John McCarthy               1977-after 1994